Gut Check's Three Favorite Cocktails of 2013

       Taste's perfect Halloween drink. | Zach Garrison

Taste's "TBD"

Back in October we approached the artists behind the bar at Taste (4584 Laclede Avenue; 314-361-1200) and asked if they could make us a cocktail that tasted like Halloween. Without missing a beat barkeep Kyle Mathis nodded and went to work. The result was truly inspiring. A creation of Joel Burton, another star bartender at Taste, the drink (the name, still in the experimental phase, was given as "To Be Determined") began auspiciously with the straining of an acorn-squash puree of a particularly sharp orange hue (which was just cool to watch). After pouring in five-year Plantation rum, Mathis mixed in cayenne pepper and ground cinnamon, adding spice and heat. Rich maple syrup contributes a sugary sweetness.

All told, the fall cocktail set before us absolutely and deliciously evoked Halloween -- this aroma needs to be captured and turned into a scented candle. Before even taking the first sip, the scent conjured visions of pumpkin pie, one of those cornucopia horns, Halloween candy and even colorful leaves falling gently to the ground. And then we carefully took our first drink, and everything changed. It's not overly sweet, but just sweet enough, warm and spicy yet smooth and drinkable, this just might the perfect cocktail to enjoy on All Hallows' Eve.

1 1/2 oz. Plantation rum
3 spoons of acorn squash puree
2 pinches of cinnamon
1 pinch of cayenne pepper
1/2 oz. maple syrup

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