Drunk Shopping: The 8 Best Bars to Hit Before Tackling Your Holiday Errands

        BrickTop's wine selection is your friend today. | Jennifer Silverberg

Plaza Frontenac:

BrickTop's (1701 S. Lindbergh Boulevard, Frontenac; 314-567-6300)

BrickTop's is a small Nashville-based chain specializing in high-end crowd pleasers. The real reason you'll stop here is to zone out at the large bar area -- maybe watch a little TV and stare at the miserable shoppers lugging around screaming kids and bags full of expensive crap. Sometimes, the best place to disappear is a generic, could-be-anywhere type of place -- order a martini and watch time drip off the clock.

Schneithorst's Restaurant & Bar (1600 S. Lindbergh; 314-993-4100)

Located amongst the tony environs of Frontenac, Schneithorst's offers the chance to enjoy a strong happy hour with great beer prices served in giant mugs. There's a separate European beer hall area perfect for a quick escape. Hearty German food helps to ease any hunger pains that might truncate your shopping experience.

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