Fabrizio Schenardi Leaving the Four Seasons

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Outside at Cielo, on the eighth floor at the Four Season. | Laura Ann Miller

Fabrizio Schenardi, executive chef at the Four Seasons (and Cielo), is leaving St. Louis to open a new facility in Orlando, Florida. Schenardi will be staying in the Four Seasons family -- the hotel will actually be the first non-Disney branded resort on Disney grounds and the largest Four Seasons in the country. Director of food and beverage Stephen Wancha will be going to Orlando as well.

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Schenardi, who joined the Four Seasons in 2010, has worked all over the world. He has made Cielo one of the best restaurants in the city -- and that view doesn't hurt, either. Wancha tells Gut Check that this hasn't been in the works for very long, and they're still looking for Schenardi's replacement.

The general manager of the restaurant at the Four Seasons Vancouver, which Wancha says has been "wildly successful," will be taking over as director of food and beverage here in St. Louis. We'll update you when a new executive chef is named.

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