Fabrizio Schenardi Leaving the Four Seasons

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Outside at Cielo, on the eighth floor at the Four Season. | Laura Ann Miller

Fabrizio Schenardi, executive chef at the Four Seasons (and Cielo), is leaving St. Louis to open a new facility in Orlando, Florida. Schenardi will be staying in the Four Seasons family -- the hotel will actually be the first non-Disney branded resort on Disney grounds and the largest Four Seasons in the country. Director of food and beverage Stephen Wancha will be going to Orlando as well.

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Schenardi, who joined the Four Seasons in 2010, has worked all over the world. He has made Cielo one of the best restaurants in the city -- and that view doesn't hurt, either. Wancha tells Gut Check that this hasn't been in the works for very long, and they're still looking for Schenardi's replacement.

The general manager of the restaurant at the Four Seasons Vancouver, which Wancha says has been "wildly successful," will be taking over as director of food and beverage here in St. Louis. We'll update you when a new executive chef is named.

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Kraig Harms
Kraig Harms

I had high expectations for this place but they fell flat on the face. Where do I start? I made reservations for our Anniversary and the person over the phone said specifically they had the whole night available and open so he said we would get the "Best" seat in the house! Plus he said they would write Happy Anniversary on the plates when we either arrived or when we got our food. I had a lot planned this night, to give her the Anniversary present that I went through a lot of trouble getting, an expensive watch and surprise her by taking her somewhere special! I read reviews and asked around. So I was really looking forward to this romantic atmosphere that I read so much about, tons of 5 star reviews about the atmosphere and the delicious food! Can't go wrong right!? Arrived, valeted the car, went upstairs, then it HIT Both of US! A VERY LOUD OBNOXIOUS Charity Event /CHRISTMAS PARTY was going on and I was both floored & confused. But thought maybe it would die down. I asked the receptionist what it was and how long it might go on, and that we had reservations, but she looked confused, then she left us standing there, ignored us again, and then came back, then left again preoccupied with someone else and she finally came back after 15 mins. Oy Vay! I was already annoyed by the loudness in the place and Could Not Believe they booked our romantic Anniversary reservations while someone else's Christmas Party Night of all things!? I was mad before we even sat down. I should have went with my gut feeling and left then but i didn't want to disappoint the lady! I told the receptionist that I reserved the best seat in the house and it was our anniversary so she put us next to the door where everyone was coming in and out from the cold weather!? Really!? I couldn't believe it anymore...the loudness, cold air, kids running around outside on the deck, people in jeans and t-shirts when obviously the website says "Business Casual"!? OK so the food came and I ordered the veal and she ordered the salmon. We got the four course meal but it seemed like a 2 course meal, very skimpy AND TO TOP IT OFF there was NO "Happy Anniversary" as the reservation guy promised me a few days before over the phone! I about had it by now and complained to the manager and waiter to my wife's dismay, and all they could do was say that they were sorry. I told them that I would not have bothered coming to Cielo for our romantic anniversary dinner if I had known there was a Christmas Party going on AND that they were going to put us next to the outside patio door on a cold drafty night with people shuffling back and forth, kids running about, people in t-shirts, flip flops, some loud obnoxious middle eastern guy that had the mouth of a Whale yapping it up talking loudly at the table next to ours, at the same time the 100+ people at the Christmas party shuffling back and forth, and another lady on her laptop with one table, etc. etc. with so much more to complain about here, plus the food was gross and nasty, lukewarm to cold, and it tasted like it was sitting for the longest time under a heat lamp, was NOT GOOD AT ALL! Our food was also burnt and tasted like it was out of a bag!? Chef Ramsey would have puked and jumped off the ledge at this place! Plus i had to watch sports on the bar TV in the background when all of this was going on! Why the bar and restaurant have no walls is beyond me? The loudness and acoustics are absurd! Oh boy! They tried to make up for it by giving us 4 desserts instead of one, which was nice, but not nice enough after it was all said and done with the $140 price tag I felt like a cruel trick was played on us and that we were at a family reunion or some charity event!? Oh that's right maybe because it WAS a charity event & Christmas Party! I will never go there again unless they beg me to! I am downright sickened by how we were treated, broken promises, nasty burnt cold mediocre food, rude manners, people in t-shirts and jeans, kids running around, cold drafts, loud atmosphere and overpriced cold/warm mediocre food.... this place is downright outrageous not caring one bit for the customer, they were just shoving people in for the almighty dollar! I was let down in a big way and there was no way to apologize to my wife except to not take her there ever again! They way the apologized was by the manager giving me his business card for next time? I was absurdly insulted! Instead of the stupid dessert we should have been given a FULL REFUND! Never again will we step into this dump. I feel so bad that my wife & I had to experience this for the first time, which was supposed to be a nice quiet romantic night turned into a nightmare of sorts! If I could give this place zero or negative 5 stars I would. I AM LIVID! Avoid at all costs, not only will it cost you too much but you will be sad with the food & atmosphere. Don't know where all these other people's 5 star reviews are coming from, probably confused with the Lumiere Casino Buffet downstairs, a much classier dining experience by far.

Bart Cohn
Bart Cohn

Cielo is overrated in my opinion. I don't think they'll have too much trouble maintaining the status quo there.

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