Restaurant Redemption: The New Gringo Is Much Improved

       Inside Gringo. | Jennifer Silverberg

Gringo has also added a brunch menu, and we tried the chorizo breakfast burrito, a fine selection. The eggs were well-cooked and the chorizo had a mild heat, but the dish would have benefited from some sort of sauce. The migas, a platter of scrambled eggs topped with succulent braised beef, crispy tortilla strips and peppers, also needed sauce to tie it together, although the brisket was so moist and decadent, I will give it a pass.

My biggest complaint about the tacos at the old Gringo was how dry they were -- that's the most drastic change I noticed this time around. The carnitas taco was filled with rich pork shoulder confit and tangy tomatillo salsa; spicy lamb and crema filled the barbacoa selection.

The real standout, however, was the brisket taco, so moist that the beef juice dripped out of the sides. Escabeche chow chow, or pickled vegetables, added a contrasting brightness to the meat. Whereas I didn't have a decent taco on my August visits, all three of these were delightful.

Gringo has stiff competition from some great taco joints in town, but it gets the award for most improved. It takes a good dose of humility to admit when you're wrong and to take criticism to heart. That Gringo was able to do this shows that it is worthy of a second chance.

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