5 Restaurants We're Looking Forward to in 2014

Main & Mill Brewery

Former Crown Valley brewer Denny Foster is bringing craft beer to Festus, along with his father Barry. The Fosters are aiming for a May opening date, or possibly even earlier than that depending on funding.

"What we're really wanting to do in Festus is make a place that's really approachable for anybody that really likes beer in any way," Foster told us in October. "Once you get somebody's mind changed that craft beer isn't something they can't drink but something that's really good, then the whole gamut of every beer starts opening up, and you allow yourself to start going through liking porters and liking stouts, and you start getting into the bitter beers and evolving."

Still, Foster warns that Main & Mill won't just be "craft beer for beginners." He plans a little bit of something for everyone.

"We're hoping to have a barrel room open before we open, so we're hoping to have some special releases for people who are really into craft beer already," Foster promises. "We'll have some barrel-aged beers, high-alcohol beers, every once in a while, special releases. We'll have an IPA on tap -- things like that for people that really love craft beer."

Last but not least, Local Harvest Cafe gets a makeover.

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