5 Restaurants We're Looking Forward to in 2014

       Hummus plates at Local Harvest Cafe. | Jennifer Silverberg


After more than five years in business, Local Harvest Cafe is re-opening with a whole new concept: the "C." One thing that letter stands for is "cultured." The cafe will be culturing lots of its own food, like kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut and kimchi.

The sit-down dinner element of the cafe will be eliminated; there will still be tables, of course, but no table service. Co-owner Patrick Horine told us that he and business partner Maddie Earnest want to make the restaurant more casual and more affordable, in order to reach more people.

The Tower Grove cafe will also now be known as simply "LHC." Horine says the "LH" will always be for Local Harvest, but the "C" will always be in flux. "We're gonna do so many different things, we wanted that flexibility to be able to use that letter for more things so in our website and our menu," he explains. "We'll be able to use that C to explain what we're trying to do and branch out."

The menu will be quite different than it is now, but fans of Local Harvest's sandwiches will still be able to get them at the downtown location. LHC's interior will be reorganized as well, with some bar seating and a focus on the walk-up counter. Local Harvest Cafe will close January 5 and reopen as LHC on January 17.

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