Graham's Grill & Bayou Bar in Kirkwood Closed December 31

       The Beach Club sandwich from Graham's Grill: smoked pork, turkey, bacon, pepper cheese        and mango mustard. | Nick Luchessi

Graham's Grill & Bayou Bar (612 West Woodbine, Kirkwood) announced last week that December 31 would be its last day. Owner Dan Graham and his wife Pam have decided to retire after seventeen years. The Creole-based restaurant was a Mardi Gras favorite and low-key Kirkwood hangout.

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We have reached out to Graham for comment about his retirement by phone and e-mail; we'll update with any news from him.

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Graham's Grill & Bayou Bar

612 W. Woodbine, Kirkwood, MO

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Jason M Parker
Jason M Parker

why did they really close. this calls for a serious journalistic investigation. someone call Elliot Davis.

Jodi Cull
Jodi Cull

Diane Lynch Green did you hear about this?

Lois Akins
Lois Akins

Not sure if this is true or not, but I heard that Alison (the daughter) and Brian were going to open it back up... I don't see how that's going to happen... But if it does good luck to them...

Lois Akins
Lois Akins

Yup.... I talked to Dan, he told me that he and Pam were ready to retire...

Vinyl Bitchie
Vinyl Bitchie

the service was amazing. My sister Lois Akins worked here.

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