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This week I visit Katie's Pizza & Pasta (9568 Manchester Road, Rock Hill; 314-942-6555), the new osteria by Katie Lee, formerly of Katie's Pizzeria Cafe. Lee gained quite a following for her handcrafted pies at the original location -- so much, in fact, that she financed the new concept through a Kickstarter campaign, exceeding her $40,000 goal.

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Here is a sneak preview of my thoughts -- the full review will be online tomorrow and in this week's issue.

Two otherwise delicious appetizers suffered the same problem. The beef and pine nut Neopolitan meatballs were straightforward, tender and tasty. I must commend Katie's on its ability to capture the simplicity of Neopolitan sauce: nothing but tomatoes, olive oil and salt. But I found myself wanting to sop up the sauce with crusty bread, which was not offered. Katie's charges for bread service -- a rosemary and olive oil flatbread - and while I don't have a problem with this on principal, in this instance a few pieces would have been nice. This was even more annoying with the burrata, a cream-filled mozzarella, served with a variety of accoutrements (the menu calls it "house burrata" which we discovered does not mean "housemade" -- it actually comes from a cheesemaker on the Hill). We chose two different presentations, one with prosciutto and fig mostardo, and the other with soppressatta and olives. The luscious cheese oozed over the plate, as it should. But was I really supposed to lick the burrata off my knife and fork?

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Katie's Pizzeria Café

6611 Clayton Road, Clayton, MO

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Anyone who gives someone money through kickstarter without receiving a percent of the store's future profit is a dumb cunt.

Maria Sparks
Maria Sparks

There are so many, really great local places around town and people still opt for mass produced, cheap and not even very good, chain restaurants. So sad!

Rick Schaper
Rick Schaper

Overpriced compared to what? The best ingredients, local cured meats, handmade pasta, crispy chewy crust! What else could you possibly want? you can go go eat chain crap like Dominoes, or overrated horrible Imos, OR support the locals, local ingredients, and fantastic Katies pizzas. I'll go with the later.

Dana Phillips
Dana Phillips

it was good though! right? come on Katie, give the critic some bread! lol

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