The Corner Cup Now Open in Dogtown


The Corner Cup (1221 Tamm Avenue) opened Monday, January 20 next to its sister restaurant, Tamm Avenue Grille. Co-owner of both, Ben Strake, tells Gut Check that he and his partners saw a big need for a coffee shop in Dogtown.

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"Dogtown does have another coffee shop, but it's on the other side, across Hampton," Strake says. "So there's definitely a void in the market. People constantly come to [Tamm Avenue Grille] asking if we serve coffee. It just became self-evident."

The Corner Cup is a coffee shop and a cafe, with a focus on artisan coffee and healthy food options. The menu features lots of gluten-free, paleo and organic items. Strake says the shop will be doing mainly pour-overs, but there will be quicker, machine-brewed coffee for people on-the-go.

"The neighborhood's growing -- it's just a vibrant area," Strake says. "I hope that residents get a comfortably cozy atmosphere and great food and great coffee. We really want to cater to people that love a good cup of coffee."

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Brad Crowder
Brad Crowder you'll be making road trips for coffee every day. Lol

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