Underrated/Overrated: What are St. Louis' Most Underrated Desserts?

       One of our favorites this year was the chocolate-chip bars at Table. What else should we try? | Jennifer Silverberg

It's really a shame that dessert is reserved for the end of the meal. Half the time, we're so full we can't even bear to hear the words, "Would you like to see a dessert menu?" We're adults, though, so we can have dessert first or even only dessert if we want to (exciting, we know). We tapped Cyrano's (603 East Lockwood Avenue, Webster Groves; 314-963-3232) as having the best desserts in town this year, but we know there's got to be more.

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Let us know in the comments what restaurant has the most underrated desserts -- we're dying to try some out! We'll count them up at the end of the week and take it to a vote on Monday.

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