New England Fish & Chips Co. Coming to University City

       Ahoy! | Nancy Stiles

We know what you're thinking: U. City is tragically devoid of fish and chips places. OK, maybe you weren't, but either way, RFT's neighborhood is getting a bit of merry old England. We noticed that New England Fish & Chips Co. is moving in next to Mi Ranchito at 879 Kingsland Avenue.

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We don't know much about the place except that it will serve, presumably, fish and chips, seafood, lobster rib? We can't find a business license registered with the Missouri Secretary of State's office but University City did tell us New England Fish & Chips is awaiting approval for its occpancy permit through the Office of Community Development.

Plus, we pretty much love its tagline: "U. City - your ship is coming in." Yes!

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Andrew Freiberger
Andrew Freiberger

I forsee parking nightmares on Thurs-Sat dinner shifts already.

Ed Aller
Ed Aller

Strange name for a corporate burrito chain.

Rachel Webb
Rachel Webb

Love fish and chips and I'm about to move to this area. I hope it's god!

Leslee Brown
Leslee Brown

It'll never beat out MiRanchito in price and value

chrisward99 topcommenter

wait these are all buck cherry

Chris Ward
Chris Ward

Kiernan Maletsky new concepts in seafood

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