21st Amendment Now Open in Former Schnaider Brewery


The owners of Vin de Set, 1111 Mississippi and PW Pizza have officially brought beer into the fold. 21st Amendment: The Brewer's Bar (2017 Chouteau Avenue; 314-241-6969) is now open in Lafayette Square. Although it was delayed for a few days, St. Louis' latest craft-beer bar made its official debut March 10, after giving fans a sneak preview at the Centennial Beer Festival and a soft opening for Facebook fans Sunday night.

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Co-owner Paul Hamilton, who owns the bar with his wife, Wendy, told us last month that they looked for a niche that was missing in Lafayette Square -- other places already took care of wine and craft cocktails.

""It's a place if you're into beer and you want to know what's going on in St. Louis as far as beer, this is the spot," he said. It doesn't have its own menu, but you can order anything you like from the adjoining PW Pizza.

The tables are made out of one red oak tree from the Hamilton's back yard, and there's vintage beer labels on the wall, including Schnaider beer, which used to be made in that very building. 21st Amendment is open Sunday through Thursday from 4 p.m. to midnight and 4 p.m. to 1 a.m. Watch for a first look coming soon!

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Kathy Gregory
Kathy Gregory

Tip of the Tongue!! Again, WHY did the chicken cross the road?

Janice Rabe
Janice Rabe

That's exactly what I was thinking. There isn't. SF's 21st Amendment is a brewery that puts out some of the best beers in the city, this one is a spot to try the best beers in St. Louis. Shame they have the same name.

Matty Thomas
Matty Thomas

No connection to the San Francisco brewery?

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