The Food of Iron Fork 2014

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Cake pops from Nadoz Bakery. | Micah Usher

Last night's sold-out Iron Fork event was, of course, filled with tons of yummy treats. 39 of the best restaurants in St. Louis brought their A-game. We ate (almost) everything, so we'll be doing double-duty at the gym this afternoon. In case you missed it, we rounded up some drool-worthy photos of the delicious offerings. You can check out the full Iron Fork slideshow here.

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Seared sea scallops with minted pea pesto from Central Table Food Hall. | Micah Usher

Asparagus soup from Central Table Food Hall. | Micah Usher

Lavender ganache and whipped lemon crème fraiche from Kakao Chocolate. | Micah Usher

Shredded chicken with onions, tomatoes, chorizo and chipotle sauce for tacos at La Tejana. | Micah Usher

Guanciale arrosto (skewers of roasted guanciale, garlic-rubbed ciabatta and balsamic glazed red peppers) from Salume Beddu. | Micah Usher

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