Happy Hour at Sandrina's: Try Its "Famous Smoked Gouda Sauce"

Photos by Mabel Suen
Sandrina's jumbo crab cake.
The Place: Sandrina's (5098 Arsenal Street; 314-601-3456)

The Hours: Happy hour is offered Monday through Friday from 4 to 7 p.m., and specials run all night on Tuesday.

The Deal: A discounted and varied selection of half- and full-size appetizers. $1 off draft beers as well as discounted domestic bottles, cans, well drinks and wine. Additional daily specials are: Guinness and Jameson specials on Monday, Schlafly specials on Wednesday, PBR and Stag specials on Thursday.

A corner of the dining room.
The Scene: Located on the corner of Arsenal Street and Brannon Avenue, Sandrina's is housed in a 19th-century building. Its bar side features an extensive selection of beers, spirits and liquors, and the dining room houses a few booths, tables and a shuffleboard table. Its vintage-style decor includes boasts wood-paneled walls, black-and-white checkered floors and murals of St. Louis figures.

The Food: Happy-hour appetizers include discounted full-size portions of fried snacks including fries, onion rings and pub chips topped with Parmesan. Smaller portions of appetizers are also available at a reduced price, including ravioli (six to an order instead of the usual ten), Gus' Pretzels and jumbo crab cakes with roasted red pepper sauce (sold individually instead of in a set).

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I love Sandrina's! I've been there many times, as this is my neighborhood spot, but I've never had the crabcakes, I usually always get the grilled cheese with tomato and cucumber salad and an ice cold brew! Amazing! I have also tasted the duck sliders and they also were very tasty also! The service is always fast!

Rachael Anne Denise
Rachael Anne Denise

You should try the ones at Boogaloo St. Louis! They're definitely not going to be Maryland crab cakes (Boogaloo is Cajun influence) but they're some of my favorites in St. Louis.

Diane Turley
Diane Turley

When will restaurants learn that no one wants a ton of bread in their crab cakes. I come from Maryland, and the only decent crab cake I've had here is at Bristol. Big lumps of crab with just enough seasoning and breading to keep it together. Yum!

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