Maude's Market and CSA Calls It Quits

Maude Bauschard in front of her Dutchtown shop. | Mabel Suen

After three years, Maude's Market (4219 Virginia Avenue; 314-353-4219) is closing. The market and CSA was a locavore's paradise in Dutchtown, but owner Maude Bauschard tells us she just couldn't make it work anymore.

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"Essentially it plateaued. I never reached my goal of getting the number of CSA customers that I wanted to get," Bauschard says. "So at a certain point you just need to realize that it wasn't going to be viable anymore."

The CSA -- community supported agriculture -- actually ended in December, and Bauschard has been gradually selling off her inventory the last two months. Bauschard says she had great customer loyalty and a 70 percent customer retention rate, but ultimately it wasn't enough.

"I ran into a customer of three years the other night and she gave me a huge hug and said, 'I feel like I just went through a breakup,'" she says. "It was a great experience, but the community just couldn't support it with the number of customers I needed to keep it going."

Bauschard does own the building on Virginia Avenue, but she's not sure to whom she'll lease it. She says she'd be interested in a long-term tenant, but she also has some ideas for short-term leases to new small business who perhaps have an idea they want to try out.

Bauschard will still be involved in the Dutchtown community; she has accepted a new job as community district manager at the St. Louis Development Corporation, a nonprofit run by the city to stimulate economic development.

There is still some inventory to be had at Maude's, and Bauschard encourages people to call or e-mail if they're interested in buying some great local food in bulk. "If anyone wants really good deals on frozen berries, amazing local honey or Amish canned produce, I still have quite a lot!" she says. You can inquire about remaining inventory at 314-353-4219 or by e-mailing

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Lesley Jarman McGilligan
Lesley Jarman McGilligan

Sorry, Maude Bauschard. You worked so hard at it. Congrats on the new job, and thanks for staying active in the Dutchtown community.

dalediversity topcommenter

I thought all the clueless hippies were supposed to buy local, "organic", produce. What happened?  

Colin Feeney
Colin Feeney

Sorry to hear, but knowing Maude, she's gonna do fantastic in whatever she does. Best of luck to you--go get 'em!

jaco1175 topcommenter

Bummer. I live in this neighborhood and never made it into her store. Despite this setback the area surrounding there has come up leaps and bounds in recent years much to the chagrin of the pos racists that always want to bash the city and it's success.

Sarah Anne
Sarah Anne

Aww sorry to hear this. Best of luck for future endeavors.

JP Lynch
JP Lynch

I don't LIKE this, but rather like that Maude's Market is at least getting some honor in its closing.

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