Panorama Announces Menu Reboot in Wake of Tepid Reviews, Lost Revenue

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Inside Panorama. | Jennifer Silverberg

We were less than impressed with Panorama (1 Fine Arts Drive; 314-655-5490), which is a bummer because we love the Saint Louis Art Museum. Others felt the same way, though, and in December the museum ordered an investigation into the lukewarm reviews and, oh yeah, losing $5,000 a week.

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As the result of the official inquiry, Panorama recently brought on David Marshall from the Modern Art Museum in Fort Worth, Texas, as general manager, as the Post-Dispatch first reported. Executive chef Edward Farrow was doing double duty as manager. His chef job isn't safe, either -- he's still on as of today, but Panorama is interviewing outside candidates.

The space is beautiful: floor-to-ceiling views of Forest Park, art, white linen. Farrow was a success in his previous restaurant at the Phoenix Musical Instrument Museum. We're not sure what didn't connect at Panorama, but it's definitely underwhelming.

The new menu features improvements (we hope), like a bacon, leek and gruyere cheese quiche, escargot in puff pastry with springtime leeks and parsley, and beef tenderloin with roasted fingerling potatoes, bleu cheese and a green peppercorn-mustard reduction.

You can check out the new lunch and dinner menus here:

Panorama Lunch Menu

Panorama Dinner Menu

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Phyllis Steckel
Phyllis Steckel

There's another article in RFT about pairing local beers with various Girl Scout cookies. That should give some insight into the mainstream St. Louis palate.

Adam Woehler
Adam Woehler

Women in hot pants selling bud light and wings seems to be a successful business model

Dallas Keller
Dallas Keller

That's not a snobby menu. Come on, a $27 beef tenderloin at a tourist attraction? That's Rockefeller chump change. /s That menu with that talent could do better. Seems to me they need to stop peddling to the rich donators to the museum, and start peddling to the masses who go there. There has to be a median between high dollar items and nachos.

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