Pimped Out Pickles, Home of the "Haterade" and "Pimpjuice" Pickle, Open for Business

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On the left, "Spicy-n-Sweet," on the right, "Green Apple." | Jessica Lussenhop

On the brothers' recommendation, Gut Check picked up the best-selling "Sweet-n-Spicy," the "Pimpjuice" and the "Green Apple Jolly Rancher" pickles ($5 plus tax for a quart of slices) and brought them back to headquarters. "Pimpjuice" pickles have a predominantly peach flavor in with the briny vinegar, the "Green Apple" were milder than their neon green color seemed to indicate, but our clear favorite were the "Sweet-n-Spicy" -- they had a warm kick that cleared the sinuses and counterbalanced the sweetness. All three were crisp and delightful. Now we're dying to know what a hot-peppermint pickle tastes like.

In a bit of a pickle. | Jessica Lussenhop

Finess says they're hoping to continue growing Pimped Out Pickles. He recently had a call from someone in Arizona asking for a wholesale order, but says they're just not equipped to fulfill those kinds of requests yet.

"It's definitely something I'm considering in the future," he says.

Michelle says she's gotten a ton of interest from all over and hopes she can find an investor who'll finance an expansion of the business.

"People are telling me they're coming here from out of town and everything. I would love to get a North County location. It really is beginning to grow and get noticed. I do have plans," she says. "It's fun and I have so much fun doing it."

There he is again. | Jessica Lussenhop

Pimped Out Pickles is open Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Check out its Facebook page here. If you're planning to stop by this week, bring cash. Its credit-card machine isn't fully operational yet.

Hat tip to local Redditor bigmapblog, whose visit to Pimped Out Pickles inspired ours.

A girl pickle can be a pimp, too. | Jessica Lussenhop

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