The Tap Restaurant + Brewery Opens Next Week in St. Charles

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Inside the Tap. | Jerry Berhorst

St. Charles doesn't have an iTap, but perhaps the Tap Restaurant + Brewery (3803 Elm Street, St. Charles) can fill the craft-beer void. We first reported on the restaurant in December, and co-owner Jerry Berhorst tells us barring a health inspection, the Tap'll be open for St. Patrick's Day.

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"We're trying to race to the finish line. We're a week or less away," Berhorst tells us. There have been some changes to the menu -- now all of it will be made from scratch, instead of about half. The Tap's executive and sous chefs were hired from Quintessential in St. Charles.

"There's a lot of unique stuff, like toasted raviolis handcrafted daily by our chefs. They're three inches instead of little one-inchers," he says. "They're just done differently." There are eighteen (mostly local) beers on draft and 150 craft beer bottles available, plus, of course, the table taps.

"We're ready to open 'er up," Berhorst says. "Just waiting on the health inspector."

A previous version of this post incorrectly stated that the Tap hired Quintessential's executive and sous chefs -- the executive and sous chefs at the Tap were hired from Quintessential. We regret the error.

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Went here last week and got wings for a starter the sauce was great but the chicken was bloody and I told my waitress. The manager came out and instead of taking it back he said that the chicken was bloody because they cut their wings in house. I've never heard this in my life. I'm pregnant and I ate raw chicken and the staff argued with me trying to send it back. The rest of the food was great but because I hot sick from the chicken I will never go back.


went there Saturday night and waited 2 hours for our entree.  Waitress NEVER apologized one time.  At 1 point, she brought us draft beers and said, 'I know you wanted bottles, but will you take this?"  Needless to say, I won't be back...

Brian Boyd
Brian Boyd

Because we need another place that specializes in beer. SMH.

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