How Chef Liz Schuster Interprets Mean Girls as a Five-Course Menu for Tenacious Eats

The tempeh slider, with house-made tempeh, spicy African harissa sauce, pickled red onion and oumou spread on a house-made herb-buttered wheat roll. | Nancy Stiles

Loaded cheese fries, a.k.a yucca pomme frites with black bean hummus, flash-fried okra and goat cheese mornay sauce. | Nancy Stiles

House-made chapati flatbread pizza with roasted sweet potato puree, braised goat, sheep's milk cheese, shallot maitre d'butter, leek, kale and tomato plus spicy peanut collard greens with red palm oil. | Nancy Stiles

The Kalteen bar, made of vanilla pound cake, caramel, steel-cut Irish oats, apricot, fig, dried cherries topped with a dark chocolate ganache. | Nancy Stiles

Team TEats. | Nancy Stiles

You can get Schuster's one-of-a-kind meals at several upcoming film screenings: A League of Their Own on April 24, which benefits Dining Out For Life; Mamma Mia! on May 1; Steel Magnolias on May 11; Bridesmaids on May 14 and 15; and Forrest Gump on May 29. You can get tickets and more information here.

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