Dave Bailey Announces New Barbecue Restaurant in Downtown for Winter 2014

Dave Bailey at the Bridge. | Jennifer Silverberg

His restaurant Small Batch (3001 Locust Street; 314-380-2040) is just a baby in culinary years, but this week restaurateur Dave Bailey announced he is already on to the next one. The as-of-yet nameless place will serve barbecue at 1011 Olive Street in the historic building that was previously Bussone's Wine and Liquor.

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In a statement, Bailey says his team will be rehabbing the historic building, which was built over 100 years ago. The first two levels will seat 200 diners with a street-level bar and an open kitchen, while a private event space can house up to 150 people. The rooftop will be a separate, seasonal bar that will seat only 45 and be accessible by a private elevator.

Bailey says the barbecue will be "non-traditional": locally sourced, whole hog and butchered in-house. Of course, there will also be a focus on cocktails, specifically bourbon, mezcals and "summer-styled cocktails."

Bailey did not respond immediately to e-mails and voicemails. We'll update with more details when we speak with him. This whole thing came to light because of a curious Twitter exchange between Bailey and Franco's Tom Schmidt.

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Tom Moody
Tom Moody

Who the hell is he and why do we care?

Jon Simons
Jon Simons

Keep going Dave! Looking forward to it!

Josh Revelle
Josh Revelle

So thats what, the 137th BBQ joint opened up in St Louis this month?

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