#89: The Duck Proscuitto Flatbread at Bella Vino

The duck prosciutto flatbread at Bella Vino. | Jackie Miller

If the bed-and-breakfast-style charm of Bella Vino (325 South Main Street, St. Charles; 636-724-3434) isn't enough of a reason to make the trek across the river, then the duck prosciutto flatbread should be.

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Co-executive chefs Austin Hamblin and Michelle Allender start with a flaky, housemade crust, then spread it with a thick layer of creamy mascarpone cheese. Whereas the mascarpone has a mild, almost neutral flavor, hunks of Gorgonzola add a pungent, earthy flair. Sweet caramelized onions are a classic pairing with the blue cheese. This mix of ingredients serves as a glorious backdrop for the star of the plate: paper-thin slices of rich, salty duck prosciutto. Pair it with a glass of pinot noir and cozy up to the antique fireplace for a warm retreat.

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Bella Vino Wine Bar & Tapas

325 South Main Street, St Charles, MO

Category: Restaurant

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Casey Simmons
Casey Simmons

Spent Valentine's Day there and it was Great :D

Char Lee
Char Lee

We went here a few weeks ago. That flatbread is amazing. All the food and drinks we had were great. All the staff were nice and the manager as well. Definitely worth the drive.

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