Master Pieza's Late-Night Pizza-by-the-Slice at New Storefront on Cherokee Street

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A map illustrating Master Pieza's evolution down Cherokee Street.

Putting together pizza "by the slice" to order.

Master Pieza's mascot, Kuumba.

An order of handcut fries.

The menu.

The shop's warmer.

Now open on Cherokee Street.

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Tom Halaska
Tom Halaska

Just ordered one. Crushing it as I type!

Tom Halaska
Tom Halaska

ArtBar St. Louis. Come by for a drink!

Homer K Blua
Homer K Blua

Tom Halaska if you see this what's you business?

Tom Halaska
Tom Halaska

Oh Adam, try and be positive. It never makes sense to me why people choose to use something like this, that is so positive for a new business, to post something negative. No one actually cares that you don't want to be on Cherokee street late at night. Luckily there are a crap ton of people who do. I just opened a business on Cherokee this past weekend. If you come to Cherokee late at night I will protect you, or maybe my girlfriend will walk you down there. She is very brave. Master Pieza is delicious.

Homer K Blua
Homer K Blua

Loved having broccoli pizza available in the wee hours

Adam Usher
Adam Usher

That looks good but I'm not going to be on Cherokee Street late at night.

Laura Dee
Laura Dee

Are they really square pieces? I'd hate to get that tiny corner wedge that's mostly crust as my "slice". Lol


county pussy

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