10 Must-Try New Summer Cocktails

Robbie Travis

Serge's Morning Girl
The Libertine (7927 Forsyth Boulevard; 314-862-2999)
Serge's Morning Girl is named after French music icon Serge Gainesbourg and his "way with the ladies." The cocktail is a "super-bright" aperitif made with Sauvignon blanc, citrus juice, Aperol and a dash of pickling liquid from green strawberries -- found elsewhere on the Libertine's menu -- for a hint of sweetness.

Ted Kilgore

Royal Blush
Planter's House (1000 Mississippi Avenue; 314-696-2603)
Described by owner Ted Kilgore as "amped up and sour," the Royal Blush combines strawberries and bourbon with Cappelletti (an aperitif from Italy with orange and herbal notes) and lemon.

Coby Arzola

Margarita Tamarindo
Gringo (398 Euclid Avenue; 314-449-1212)
The Margarita Tamarindo combines blanco tequila, Gran Gala (Italian orange liqueur), fresh lemon and tamarind and is served with a Tajin (chile-salt) rim. It was discovered in a small town near the Tequila region of Jalisco, Mexico, called Tlaquepaque, occupied mostly by artists and musicians, most notably its Mariachis.

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