11 Canned Craft Beers Perfect for a Float Trip

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Canned collage. | Richard Haegele

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Just because local parks don't allow glass bottles doesn't mean Natty Light is the only beer that's float trip appropriate - more and more craft breweries are canning their brews. That means your beer doesn't have to share a flavor profile with the water you're floating in. Here are some of the best local craft beers available in cans.

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Richard Haegele
4 Hands' Contact High

4 Hands Brewing Co.
"Contact High": This hoppy wheat ale has a crisp taste accentuated with a citrus bite from the orange zest used to brew it. 5 percent ABV.

Richard Haegele
Schlafly Summer Lager & Session IPA

Schlafly Beer
"Summer Lager": This German-style lager has a light appearance but packs a hearty, malty taste. 4.5 percent ABV.

Session IPA: Citrus and pine flavors dominate this IPA. 4.5 percent ABV.

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Blake Harris
Blake Harris

I took shlafly summer lager on my float trip last weekend


I guess the author has never been on a Missouri float trip.  No outfitter would let you on the bus with that crap.

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