The Best Food Porn of Food Truck Friday

Chop Shop STL. | Steve Truesdell

The 2014 season of Food Truck Friday kicked off last weekend on May 9 at Tower Grove Park. Some two dozen of St. Louis' best food trucks were on hand to feed the masses while the Brothers Lazaroff provided live music. The event, hosted by Sauce Magazine, will take place once every month until October. The next Food Truck Friday will be Friday, June 13, at 4 p.m.

Gut Check had a photographer on the scene and here is a round-up of the tastiest looking morsels he captured at the kick-off of yet another great food truck-fed summer.

See also: [UPDATED] St. Louis Food Truck Association Plans Food Truck Friday-Type Event for Downtown



Mission Taco Joint. | Steve Truesdell

Go Gyro Go. | Steve Truesdell

More yummy pics coming right up.

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