#80: Beef Brisket Birria Taco at Mission Taco Joint

Mission Taco Joint's beef brisket birria taco. | Cheryl Baehr

It's difficult to decide between beef and pork for the ideal taco filling. A well-prepared carne asada gives such a meaty richness, but the sweet pork flavor of something like carnitas is hard to beat. When I go to Mission Taco Joint (6235 Delmar Boulevard; 314-932-5430), I don't have to choose. I simply order the beef brisket birria and drift off into taco bliss.

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Mission's beef brisket birria taco starts with a thick, freshly made corn tortilla, served fresh-off-the-griddle warm. It's then stuffed with succulent beef brisket that has been braised in a sauce of mild, smoky chiles until it is fall-apart tender. It's decadent enough on its own, but the folks at Mission add to the party by topping it with pork-belly carnitas that are so soft and buttery, it nearly dissolves into the beef. The beef brisket birria is rich, but it's topped with a spicy arbol chile sauce that brightens the dish with cayenne-like heat. A simple slice of avocado is the humble, final touch. Perfecto.

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Mission Taco Joint

6235 Delmar Blvd., St. Louis, MO

Category: Restaurant

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