The 10 Best Places in St. Louis for a First Date

Olio's patio. | Sara Graham

Picking a place for a first date is a loaded proposition -- so much to say in one seemingly simple decision. Luckily, Gut Check knows exactly how to impress that special someone, whether you're going for "casual but sophisticated" or "I'm trying to wife you up, boy." Follow our lead with these ten perfect first-date locations and you'll be golden.

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Olio | Sara Graham

Olio (1634 Tower Grove Avenue; 314-932-1088)
Get the conversation started with some fancy cocktails. The cocktails are just as gorgeous as the setting in this beautifully renovated Standard Oil filling station decorated with glass, marble and wood inside and exuding a rustic elegance on the patio outside. Munch on small-plate dishes from the Mediterranean-inspired menu while sipping on finely crafted cocktails with historic roots and modern twists.

Blueberry Hill | RFT Image

Blueberry Hill (6504 Delmar Boulevard, University City; 314-727-4444)
Get your flirt on with a competitive game of darts and a first-class burger. While the Blueberry Hill Open is the oldest pub-dart tournament in North America, all beginners are welcome to step up to a board. Grab one of Blue Hill's famous burgers and check out the restaurant's legendary pop-culture memorabilia (a great conversation starter) that has made the restaurant nationally recognized over its 42-year history in the University City Loop.

Busch Stadium | Sara Graham

Busch Stadium (700 Clark Avenue; 314-345-9600)
Go Cards! Head to the ballpark for a whole lotta St. Louis pride and what is sure to be an excellent game. Enjoy some Budweiser beer and a good old-fashioned bratwurst sandwich -- all in the newly renovated, 46,000-seat stadium, home to the 2011 World Series Champions. Find out where his loyalties lie now -- before you're in too deep.

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Bowling at Saratoga Lanes then Tiffany's once you get thrown out, yeah I know how to romance 'em

Brian Conley
Brian Conley

Courtesy Diner and then Mclains Corner. I play REO from the jump.

Sara Graham
Sara Graham

Me, too! These were from the food/restaurant industry perspective :}

Kelly Lindsey
Kelly Lindsey

Missy ,When we were at the Venice cafe there was a couple we were talking to & it was their first date. She said she had lived in st.louis her whole life & had never been their , loved it!

Danielle Hentchel
Danielle Hentchel

No City Museum? What better of an ice-breaker than to crawl and climb like kids? Also, parks! Laumier and forest park & cheap places!

Virginia Harold
Virginia Harold

My most memorable and favorite dates have not involved going out to eat or spending any money at all.

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