The 10 Best Places in St. Louis for a First Date

Pappy's Smokehouse | Ian Froeb

Pappy's Smokehouse (3106 Olive Street; 314-535-4340)
Get messy together. Eliminate nerves by getting covered in barbecue sauce together over a perfect plate of ribs at world-famous Pappy's Smokehouse. Memphis-style barbecue is served up daily to throngs of patrons waiting patiently in line for meats that are smoked up to fourteen hours over sweet apple- or cherrywood, and smothered in "Pappy's Original," "Jane's Sweet Sauce," "Holly's Hot Sauce" or "Hoodoo Sauce."

McGurk's | Sara Graham

McGurk's (1200 Russell Boulevard; 314-776-8309)
Take in a Guinness with a show. McGurk's is a long-standing St. Louis pub-house institution for a pint of Guinness, great steaks and burgers and beautiful patio dining. Traditional Irish music seven nights a week has landed it on Thrill's "List of the 21 Best Irish Pubs in the U.S." and one of Road Trippers' "Best Irish Pubs in the U.S."

Festival of Nations. | Sara Graham

Festival of Nations (Tower Grove Park; 314-773-9090)
Explore your roots. This one requires a bit of pre-planning. Each August the International Institute's Festival of Nations hosts a two-day extravaganza in Tower Grove Park. The festival features more than 40 food booths showcasing international cuisine, several stages of dance and music performances and jewelry and crafts from all over the world. Again, plenty of conversation-starting opportunities, not to mention a way to look all worldly.

Eclipse | Sara Graham

Eclipse Restaurant (6177 Delmar Boulevard; 314-726-2222)
Watch the sunset under the moon. Take in the sunset from a rooftop perch overlooking one of the ten "Great Streets in America" (as dubbed by the American Planning Association) underneath a rotating moon, said to be the world's largest. Enjoy some of St. Louis' best craft cocktails from the Rooftop Terrace Bar and bottle service in the newly opened New Moon Room. What could be more romantic?

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Bowling at Saratoga Lanes then Tiffany's once you get thrown out, yeah I know how to romance 'em

Brian Conley
Brian Conley

Courtesy Diner and then Mclains Corner. I play REO from the jump.

Sara Graham
Sara Graham

Me, too! These were from the food/restaurant industry perspective :}

Kelly Lindsey
Kelly Lindsey

Missy ,When we were at the Venice cafe there was a couple we were talking to & it was their first date. She said she had lived in st.louis her whole life & had never been their , loved it!

Danielle Hentchel
Danielle Hentchel

No City Museum? What better of an ice-breaker than to crawl and climb like kids? Also, parks! Laumier and forest park & cheap places!

Virginia Harold
Virginia Harold

My most memorable and favorite dates have not involved going out to eat or spending any money at all.

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