Jilly's Ice Cream Bar's New Storefront Scoops Up Nineteen Different Flavors

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A "Lemonberry" sundae with "Bee Sting" ice cream, blueberry compote, streusel crunch, pink whipped cream and a sugar bee.

Patrick McCullough behind the ice cream counter.

A selection of ice cream.

Jilly's features special monthly flavors.

Cones and toppings station.

A spot for visitors to leave their mark.

Location Info

Jilly's Cupcake Bar

8509 Delmar Blvd., Ladue, MO

Category: Restaurant

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Maria Binky Mann
Maria Binky Mann

man that will b an insulin day.... maybe they have sugar free ice cream

Maria Binky Mann
Maria Binky Mann

Im game..... and maybe hit up cheesology while we are down there lol

Michael J Keller
Michael J Keller

I'll be there within a few days shy of the end of the month. There are a couple cupcakes that I have to snag before the month ends. I'm within 7 lbs of a 60 lb. weight loss. It's time for me to have a cupcake... or two! :D

Becky Barnett
Becky Barnett

Maria Binky Mann...we gotta get a scoop or two sometime.

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