Fort Taco Approved for Former Rally's Space in Brentwood

The future Fort Taco. | Nancy Stiles

There have been signs up on the long-vacant former Rally's location in Brentwood for a while now, but the city's Planning and Zoning Commission has just approved a conditional use permit for Fort Taco to go ahead at 8106 Manchester Road.

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Co-owner Tyson Martinez did not return phone calls for comment, but 40 South News reports that he and business partner Gabe Patino worked with Des Moines chain Tasty Tacos, but Fort Taco will not be part of that. There's no word on when Fort Taco will open.

Saddest Rally's ever? | Google Street View

Nancy Stiles

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Christine Ownby
Christine Ownby

Awesome! its about time something gets in there, its been an eyesore for a while.

Michael Sturgeon
Michael Sturgeon

Tyson told me mid-late July is when he plans to open up.

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