The 8 Best Picnic Spots in St. Louis (And Where to Grab a Pre-Made Meal Beforehand)

The lovely Art Hill. | Sara Graham

Art Hill (1 Fine Arts Drive, Forest Park)
Whether taking it in from a boat tour around Post Dispatch Lake or lying on top of it on a blanket watching the clouds pass, Art Hill in Forest Park is a favorite outdoor destination for many city dwellers. At the base, the newly renovated fountains and plaza make a beautiful picnic destination spot to catch the sunset.

Kayak's | Kayci Merritte

Pick Up: Kayak's (270 North Skinker Blvd; 314-862-4447) Located on the northwestern edge of the park, Kayak's offers perfect sustenance for a day at the park. The menu includes hearty sandwiches, fresh smoothies and breakfast. Sandwiches are each named after a national park, such as the "Banff" (turkey breast, prosciutto, Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, tomato, field greens and chipotle mayo on white bread), "Copper River" (smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers and red onion served on your choice of bagel) and the "Jackson Hole" (turkey breast, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, red onion, Thousand Island dressing and brown mustard on rye).

The view from the Pavilion. | Sara Graham

World's Fair Pavilion (5600 Clayton Avenue, Forest Park)
Built in 1909 with proceeds from the 1904 World's Fair, the World's Fair Pavilion is an open-air structure coveted for private events and a perfect spot to enjoy a spectacular view of Forest Park. The Boathouse, art museum, zoo and the fountains are all within sight, with the rest of the park spread out below and the city skyline stretched across the horizon. Don't be surprised to be joined by a random artists juggling, painting or even dancing.

Central Table. | Sara Graham

Pick Up: The Market at Central Table Food Hall (23 South Euclid Avenue; 314-932-5595) Just east of the park, this 10,000-square-foot food hall offers an exquisitely diverse sit-down menu, running the gamut from a sushi bar to wood-fired pizzas and imperial wagyu steak to raw oysters. Just as delicious is a fantastic deli and market with to-go items such as sandwiches, sushi, soups, salads and dry goods perfect for a picnic outing. Wine, juices and water are also available.

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Scooter Von Donaken
Scooter Von Donaken

Carl's Deli, Protzel's Deli. Plus Straub's Market. No Banh Mi sandwiches on Grand?

Mindi Elizabeth
Mindi Elizabeth

Oscar Noin you beat me to it, brother. One mo' time... will deliver to the grassy knoll of your choice!

Monica Alsup
Monica Alsup

I haven't tried any of these places other than BCD Kristina Cheeseman

Oscar Noin
Oscar Noin

If you can't find anything, we can bring food to you

Alicia Peirce
Alicia Peirce

Oh hey Casey Lee McLaughlin Smith, you're famous!

Jennifer Hylton-Whited
Jennifer Hylton-Whited

Yay Tower Grove Park - you can also get noms on the go at The Dam. Right Michele? :-D

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