Dojo Pizza: Pizza and Karate in a Century-Old Former Church

Categories: Hidden Gem

Buffalo chicken stuffed-crust pizza. Bonus: there's also bacon in the stuffed crust.

Enter the former church and find yourself a foyer, where a host or hostess in karate garb will seat you.

From the get-go, it's easy to see the dining room isn't a typical one.

The menu.

Another look at the dining room.

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Sharon Walker
Sharon Walker

This is why I love St. Louis. .....I recently discovered very swanky restaurants in old car garages too. Such a smart way to not waste a building.

Deb Woods
Deb Woods

I think it is awesome what this guy is doing for the neighborhood kids. Would I want my pizza made by kids who don't necessarily understand restaurant level hygiene? Not really. I have enough trouble eating food from the dirty looking stoners at Elicia's Pizza :-)

Aaron Toben
Aaron Toben

Janet Pratt Toben Dad and I walked right past here!


Thank you for your thoughts. I wanted to assure you that we hold high standards for our food service. We have an A rating with the health department, and we would never allow someone to handle the food that is not qualified. Our kids help serve the food, but only those who qualify can make or handle the food.

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