The Nest, Membership Club and Restaurant for Moms and Families, to Close in July


The Nest (10440 German Boulevard, Frontenac; 314-494-5706), the "membership club for women and families," has announced it will close within the next 30 days. The members-only restaurant/cafe/daycare/yoga studio opened in Frontenac in December. It was the brainchild of partners Christina McHugh, Colleen Carlton and Carolyn Raymer, who wanted a space that kids and parents could enjoy.

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The Nest announced its closure on Facebook today, though there isn't an exact date yet. Remaining memberships will be refunded -- they ran up to $100 a month -- and booked events and parties will still happen.

The Nest featured things like an "indoor play forest," a Pinterest-inspired menu, infant massages (yup) and prenatal yoga. No word on what the private-event space will be like, but it's Frontenac, so we kind of have an idea.

When a Facebook fan asked what happened, the Nest explained a little further:

Once April hit and the nice weather broke our business completely dissipated. We waited out April May and June for the trend to correct but with the zoo, grants farm, forest park, the pools, and so many wonderful attractions for moms and kiddos there simply was not the business and customer support needed to sustain the concept as The Nest (turns out there is plenty for moms to do in St. Louis over the spring and summer) which is why the beautiful space and wonderful location will be better suited for private events etc.

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Deb Woods
Deb Woods

It's a dumb idea for a place. And don't you know those Moms would be the first to complain & protest if someone opened a NO KIDS restaurant here.

Steve Mincer
Steve Mincer

but whatever you do... don't open a restaurant in st. charles county, right? us bumpkins looooove going to denny's and olive garden over and over again.

Joellen Pickens
Joellen Pickens

If this keeps up, there'll be nothing but fast food joints in St. Louis.

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