10 Local Urban Farms We Love
Our City Farms' Indigo Rose Tomato or "blue tomato" | Caroline Yoo

Our City Farm
(4539 Delmar Boulevard; 314-282-5290)
Mission: To grow where customers live, foster a close relationship with the food people eat and the people that produce it, and provide food security for the community
Sells: Heirloom, non-GMO certified and naturally grown produce; eggs from heritage breed hens; pasture-raised, antibiotic- and hormone-free chicken
Founded: 2010
Annual production: 8,000+ pounds
Who's buying: CSA members that live within 15 miles of the farm, local restaurants, small stores
Challenges: Cost of installing water for irrigation, cost of installing a security fence
Favorite part: "Our favorite part is when our customers come to the farm and ask questions about the way things grow or bring their children to see firsthand where their food comes from," says owner Jeri Villarreal.
Future plans: Year-round growing with a new hydroponic greenhouse; beehives; orchard expansion
EarthDance Farms | Caroline Yoo

EarthDance Organic Farm School
(233 South Dade Avenue, Ferguson; 314-521-1006)
Mission: To sustainably grow food, farmers, and community, one small farm at a time through hands-on education about the importance of organic agriculture, and to preserve the site of Missouri's oldest organic farm
Founded: 2008
Annual production: 18,000 pounds
How it works: Five-month long farm and garden apprenticeships, classes and workshops open the public, tours and volunteer opportunities
Who's buying: More than 60 CSA shareholders, Ferguson Farmers Market, City Greens, Local Harvest, Basso and Lulu's Local Eatery; excess produce is donated to cooking classes at Operation Food Search
Challenges: Securing ownership of originally rented land, installing on-site refrigeration and a greenhouse
Favorite part: "Our favorite part is witnessing folks from all walks of life visit our farm and become part of the EarthDance community," says Program Director, Rachel Levi. "We love to see a school kid from the city taste a Sungold tomato that she picked herself. And equally, we love it when a farm neighbor drops by and tells us a story about when he had his first summer job at the Mueller Farm."
Future plans: Two high tunnels to extend the growing season; a packing shed to wash, weigh and pack; an education center and event space
Gateway Garlic Urban Farm owner Mark Brown his Spanish Roja garlic | Caroline Yoo

Gateway Garlic Urban Farm
(7601 South Broadway; 314-570-4945)
Mission: To grow organic garlic as a sustainable crop and teach others to do the same as part of a self-sustaining economy
Sells: Garlic
Founded: 2007
Annual production: 3.5 acres
Who's buying: Local restaurants and CSA programs
Challenges: Overcoming skeptical neighborhood residents and city officials
Favorite part: "My favorite part is hearing from others that we've inspired them -- it makes sweating in the 90 degree heat doing backbreaking work worth it," says owner Mark Brown.
Future plans: Overseas sales; an organic store, an organic line of food, diversifying crops; selling wool from recently added sheep

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