9 More Local Food-Related Instagrams You Should Be Following

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Instagram was practically created for food. There are even some chefs creating dishes specifically to look good on the photo-sharing site -- it's essentially free advertising. There are tons of active foodies in St. Louis on Instagram, both creators and consumers of delicious dishes. We rounded up eight of our favorites last fall, but there are even more restaurants, chefs and experts you should be following.

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Mofu is St. Louis' own handcrafted premium tofu manufacturer, and yes, that's a thing. It hosts ramen pop-ups, collaborates with the likes of Sump Coffee and makes tofu you actually want to eat. Its Instagram features menu previews, heirloom tomatoes and the founders' adorable kids and families. These snaps look so good, even Ron Swanson would try a Mofu chicken-fried biscuit.

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