Anheuser-Busch Releases Epic Commercial Ahead of USA vs. Belgium Game

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Oh, those crazy Clydesdales. | YouTube screenshot

Drinking Anheuser-Busch products is basically the definition of 'Murica, so it's no surprise that the brewery is in full patriot mode for the World Cup. We're playing Belgium today, and A-B's famous Clydesdales are super excited for it. Also, fighter jets. And motorcycles. Cheerleaders. SEQUINS.

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The commercial features everything American -- and by American we mean "things white heterosexual males are supposed to like." The aforementioned fighter jets and motorcycles are interspersed with images of a hot girl surfing (?), the U.S. soccer team, the opening of beers, smashing guitars, a soldier reuniting with a lady, a bald eagle and, of course, star-spangled cheerleaders.

A-B doesn't even call it a commercial, it's "an epic hype film." Oh, and the suggested hashtag is "#AREYOUREADY" because that obviously only applies to the World Cup. Watch the full spot below; we won't judge if you're chanting "USA! USA!" by the end of it.

Aaaannnnnnnndd in the aftermath of that orgy of patriotism and hooves, some people were quick to point out that, um, A-B is now owned by InBev, which is...Belgian:

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billj598 topcommenter

Actually the largest stockholder is Bazillionaire J.P. Lemann of 3G Capital (also owners of Burger King).  He is a first generation Brazilian of Swiss ancestry who has moved, with his family, to Switzerland.  A-B/InBev International Headquarters is in Belgium but the U.S. portion of the Company is run by Carlos Brito, a slave driving, U.S. educated, job-destroying Brazilian.  All of the top level executives have Latino surnames.  To date, over 2,100 St. Louis jobs have been eliminated, mostly older salaried workers, by our pal Mr. Brito.  The most recent fiasco was the re-location of the entire Corporate Accounts Payable Dept. to Argentina.  Call there to get your 180 day/net term bills paid and good'll need it. 

Julia West
Julia West

It doesn't make any sense to me. And what's with the bikini woman at the beginning? Never mind.

Daniel Sexauer
Daniel Sexauer

Aren't they a Belgium company now? How dare you?!

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