Controversy Erupts Over Reopening of Bengoni's, Beloved Institution in Overland [UPDATE]

Update, July 2, 2014: Smith tells Gut Check he's come to a decision on the name. Drum roll please:

Courtesy Darin Smith

That's right, he's opted to go with Basilio's rather than the contentious Bengoni's name. The old signs, however, are still on the building as Overland "memorabilia," Smith says:

Courtesy Darin Smith

The Eisen family is already sounding their approval on Facebook -- here's what one of their daughters posted this afternoon:

I had heard he decided to change the name !! I can't tell you how pleased I am about it. Staying true to my word I will be in line with the rest of his supporters to spend my money on a large pepperoni pizza and a chef salad with X House dressing!

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