Happy Hour at Five Star Burgers: Sliders and Appetizers for $2 or Less a Pop

Happy hour.
The Verdict: Before very long, a "bar food buffet" -- as my dining companion called it -- appeared before us, presented in little versions of fryer baskets. The coating on each breaded appetizer proved pleasantly crispy, battered with a perhaps too-heavy hand of salt. The regular fries came well-seasoned, sweet potatoes fries were made even sweeter with a maple cream and the pickles paired well with a tzatziki sauce.

Happy-hour mini burgers.
Of the four sliders on mini dollar rolls, we liked the ground-turkey burger the most. Served with a cranberry-peach chutney, the patty was moist and flavorful. The "Little 5 Star Burger" and fried chicken sandwiches tasted fine -- like slightly better quality versions of their fast-food counterparts -- while the veggie slider's patty was a standout with plenty of hot spice and a creamy texture.

Unsurprisingly, the fried food made us feel even more fried ourselves, and while the offerings didn't quite reinvent the wheel, they certainly gave us bang for our buck. The smaller portions at manageable prices filled us up quick, so your best bet if you're going all-in as we did is to share bites with some company over beers.

For dessert, Five Star Burgers regularly offers $1 "Ice Cream Shooters," like this salted-caramel one.
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