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We plan on spending all the weekends we can this summer at wineries. Napa Valley is 2,000 miles away, but there are award-winning vineyards right here in Missouri. We tallied up the reader suggestions for the winery that should get some more love; vote for your favorite after the jump.

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Charleville Vineyards (16937 Boyd Road, Ste. Genevieve; 573-756-4537):

Jered Christopher: Charleville hands down. They love what they do and it shows.

Cedar Lake Cellars (1108 Schreckengast Road, Hickory Grove; 636-745-9500)

Kim Berly: My current favorite in the area: cedar lake cellars

Balducci's Winery and Restaurant (6601 Highway 94 South, Augusta; 636-482-8466)

Ryan Stufft: Balduccis.

Sugar Creek Winery (125 Boone Country Lane, Defiance; 636-987-2400)

Sally Olson: Sugar Creek in Defiance, MO. The owner gave us a tour, and we were all impressed. They are really passionate, hard-working, and make great wine.

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Location Info


Charleville Vineyards

16937 Boyd Road, Ste. Genevieve, MO

Category: General

Cedar Lake Cellars

11008 Schreckengast Road, Wright City, MO

Category: Restaurant

Louis P. Balducci Vineyards

6601 Highway 94 S., Augusta, MO

Category: General

Sugar Creek Winery

125 Boone Country Lane, Defiance, MO

Category: General

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Leslee Brown
Leslee Brown

There is one in Red Bud called the Red Bud Winery that is totally underrated

Aaron Mo
Aaron Mo

Charleville is pretty awesome! You don't know until you go.


With out doubt, Persimmon Ridge winery is the  least  known and the closest to St. Louis. It is  located  ten minutes from 141 ,  just off of highway 21.. They have  been selling excellent wine since 2009.

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