10 Classic Missouri State Fair Foods to Inspire the Drive to Sedalia

Concessions at the Missouri State Fair

The 113th Missouri State Fair opened yesterday in Sedalia with over 100 acres filled with amusement rides, concerts, tractor pulls, car racing, art and crafts, camping, livestock and produce competitions and contests of skills of all kinds. But plenty of people come just for the food -- check out these ten items you won't want to miss at this year's fair. They pack it all in for the year on August 17.

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Fried Oreos | Creamy Rich

Fried Oreos

Beloved classic cookie Oreo, dipped in batter, fried to a golden brown and topped with powdered sugar. You'll find these these indulgent treats at Creamy Rich's concessions throughout the fairgrounds.

Tiger Stripe Ice Cream | University of Missouri Columbia

Mizzou's Tiger Stripe Ice Cream
High cream, old-fashioned, hand-dipped ice cream is a nostalgic treat found at the fair since its inception, and now the University of Missouri Columbia's Tiger Stripe ice cream joins the pack. It's made by students on campus and sold at the Fair every year. Other ice cream vendors include the Missouri Bee Keepers (their ice cream is made with pure, local honey) and the Midland Dairy Association.

Corn Dogs | McKinney Food Services

Corn Dogs
No fair experience is complete without a hot dog liberally coated with cornmeal, fried in oil and served on a stick. Long time fair concessionaires, McKinney Food Services, Roger Westmoreland Concessions and the Dick Brothers Corn Dogs serve up thousands at the fair each year.

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