Anthonino's Taverna Celebrates 10 Years With Renovation and Expansion

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Anthony Scarato at Anthonino's. | Katie Moulton

Anthonino's Taverna (2225 Macklind Avenue; 314-773-4455) is celebrating its tenth anniversary with an upgrade. The Italian restaurant will undergo renovations over the next several weeks to expand seating and update the decor. We spoke to co-owner Anthony Scarato about what's next for Anthonino's.

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"We occupy an old bar that we've turned into a restaurant, but it's so small that we can't accommodate our guests' needs," Scarato tells us. "We hope to take on parties and bigger groups and family gatherings in a more efficient matter, with more seating and a better kitchen. After ten years, we felt it was time to do something."

Anthonino's will be expanding into what is now its back yard. Scarato says he and his brother and co-owner Rosario didn't want to move to a different location, especially with all the "dead space" not being used in the back. They were approved by the city and secured a loan to finance the project.

The restaurant will have to eventually close down for a couple of weeks later this fall when the two buildings are joined together, which will ultimately expand the kitchen and add to the dining area. There will also be new tables and chairs from St. Louis' own Vitro Seating, and the decor will focus on wood tones with stone accents.

"[We'll] keep it real casual and comfortable, because that's kind of how we view ourselves. We believe our food is higher [quality], but we keep it in the casual atmosphere and try to accommodate all kinds of people -- you don't have to be dressed up to have a good meal," Scarato says. "We're happy we've been here ten years, and hope we're here ten more and ten more after that."

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Cindy Chipman Scarato
Cindy Chipman Scarato

Yes I have, so excited & thrilled to death for Ro, Anthony, our family & everyone at Anthoninos

Dana Robinson
Dana Robinson

Cindy Chipman Scarato hoping you have seen this.

Travis Holmes
Travis Holmes

Went back home in January with my wife, and just chanced upon this place. I can't say enough good things about it. Best t-ravs I've ever had.

John Salkowski
John Salkowski

Great, we still haven't been able to get there, I am craving for the Toasted Raviolis, but hope to see you in the future !!!


Excellent news! Very tasty place - never had a bad meal here. Their gyro pizza is awesome!

Mary Griffiths
Mary Griffiths

Angie Cunniff! Good news for the worlds greatest gyro!

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