Sugarfire Smokehouse to Open Sugarfire Pie

The "Crack Pie" at Sugarfire Smokehouse.

Mike Johnson of Sugarfire Smokehouse (9200 Olive Boulevard, Olivette; 314-997-5301) is fresh off his Top Chef win at last weekend's Ultimate Burger Challenge, but he isn't slowing down. The barbecue master has just announced he'll be opening Sugarfire Pie. Before you object, may we remind you of Johnson's "Crack Pie"?

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As first reported by Feast, Johnson plans to open Sugarfire Pie at 9200 Olive Boulevard this October, two doors down from the original Sugarfire Smokehouse in Olivette.

Sugarfire pastry chef Caroyln Downs will take the reins and create desserts including the famous "Crack Pie," triple-stacked pies and soft-serve custard.

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Sugarfire Smoke House

9200 Olive Blvd., Olivette, MO

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Melinda Hiskens
Melinda Hiskens

Hannah! Promise me you'll have a piece for me! Wherever it happens to be...

Hannah Burtness
Hannah Burtness

Oh dang it, it's in Ladue. Show the City some love, Sugarfire!!

Chris DiMercurio
Chris DiMercurio

I could be wrong but isn't crack pie a momofuku milk bar recipe?

Monica Peters
Monica Peters

BEST NEW EVER!!! \U0001f49b\U0001f646\U0001f49b

William Frost
William Frost

Sweet! Love this place, so much, that they are even catering our subdivision picnic.

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