Your Pick for St. Louis' Most Underrated Bloody Mary is...

The Shack's "Meaty Mary." | Courtesy The Shack

The Shack (13645 Big Bend Boulevard, Suite 105, Valley Park; 636-529-1600) recently moved to new digs, but its "Meaty Mary" didn't go anywhere. You voted it the most underrated bloody mary in St. Louis, and as a result, it's definitely on our brunch must list.

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The "Meaty Mary" is made with EFFEN cucumber vodka, a Shack-seasoned rim, bacon and a cheese cube, plus you get to drink it out of a beef-jerky straw. There's a veggie version, too, if that's more your thing. Breakfast is served at the Shack every day from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The most popular write-in was Melt (2712 Cherokee Street; 314-771-6358). Here's the full report:

1. The Shack (13645 Big Bend Boulevard, Suite 105; 636-529-1600): 33.63 percent
2. Sqwires (1415 South Eighteenth Street; 314-865-3522): 25.88 percent
3. Big Muddy Pub (204 State Street, Alton, Illinois; ): 16.81 percent
4. Other: 16.59 percent
5. Soulard Market (730 Carroll Street; 314-622-4180): 7.08 percent

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Sam Berardino Eggering
Sam Berardino Eggering

We went to Big Muddy Pub last weekend and it was delicious!!! Looks like we have some others to try James Nigh!!

Paula Sydow
Paula Sydow

OMG Zeena NOMMMMM out of a beef jerky straw?!?

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