Kevin Nashan to Host Chef Sean Brock at the Peacemaker October 25

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Heritage by Sean Brock. | Courtesy Artisan Books

James Beard Award-winning chef Sean Brock has just come out with his first cookbook, Heritage, and Kevin Nashan will be hosting his St. Louis book signing. Not only will Brock be on hand to discuss his elegant Southern recipes, but the kitchen at Nashan's Peacemaker Lobster & Crab Co. (1831 Sidney Street; 314-772-8858) will be cooking up some of Brock's food.

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The 10 Best Food Instagrams in St. Louis This Week: October 8-15

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A glorious charcuterie board at Five Bistro. | Instagram/obiwandevoti

Pumpkin (spice) season is in full swing, and so is the fall. This means warm, savory creations from St. Louis' best chefs are just waiting to get in your belly. We're not worried about putting on a few pounds this winter if it means we get to eat even a sliver of what's popping up on our Instagram feed. Check out our favorite Instagrams from St. Louis foodies, and let us know if there's someone we should be following in the comments.

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Thursday Throwdown: Italian Sandwiches from Adriana's vs. Amighetti's Bakery & Cafe

Amighetti's on the Hill. | The Riverfront Times

Judging from the lines out of their doors, it's clear that both Adriana's (5101 Shaw Avenue; 314-773-3833) and Amighetti's Bakery & Cafe (5141 Wilson Avenue; 314-776-2855) have their fair share of loyal customers. For this week's Thursday Throwdown, we headed to these Institutions on the Hill to see whose Italian sandwich reigns supreme.

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Perennial and New Belgium Release "Lips of Faith" Collaboration

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Richard Haegele
Collaboration tap handle.
Collaborations between breweries aren't exactly new, but their results have become a much more common sight on area beer shelves lately. They can give brewers a chance to exchange ideas with others and mix their individual house styles. The best collaborations often result in something unique that neither brewery would normally make on their own.

In the last year, we've seen local collaborations from Schlafly and Sam Adams and Columbia's Log Boat Brewing Company and 4 Hands. Now New Belgium has released a beer made with Perennial Artisan Ales (8125 Michigan Avenue; 314-631-7300): the Salted Belgian Chocolate Stout. You can currently find it in stores across the St. Louis area as part of New Belgium's "Lips of Faith" series of beers.

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Happy Hour at Ranoush: Syrian Cuisine Featuring Half-Price Everything

"Ranoush Chicken and Shrimp." | Photos by Mabel Suen
The Place: Ranoush (6501 Delmar Boulevard, University City; 314-726-6874)

The Hours: Every day from 3 to 6 p.m.

The Deals: Half-off prices on the entire menu, excluding hookah. This includes wine, beer, food and cocktails.

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10 Best Bakeries and Candy Shops to Score Special Halloween Treats

The "Monster" cupcake at the Cup | Relic Photography

We here at Gut Check International Headquarters are all about helping guide our readers to the very best eats, and come Halloween-time that includes making sure you and your little ones are armed with great trick-or-treating jokes. Food and drink-related ones, at that:

Q: Why did the ghost go into the bar?

A: For the boos.

Q: What's the ratio of a pumpkin's circumference to its diameter?

A: Pumpkin pi

Q: What did the zombie order for take-out?

A: Pizza, with everyone on it!

Now you're all set to score big on Halloween, but if you can't wait that long for spooktacular treats, here's a round-up of some of our favorite sweets available only at this very creepy time of year.

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Bek-Hee Brings Sha County Chinese Cuisine to St. Louis: Review

Singapore Mei Fun, Beef with Broccoli, Steamed & Fried Dumplings, Egg rolls, and crab rangoon.| Jennifer Silverberg

(10200 Page Avenue, Overland; 314-426-4773)
10:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m. Mon.-Thurs. 10:30 a.m.-10 p.m. Fri.-Sat., noon-9 p.m. Sun.

When the Han Dynasty fell apart in 221 AD, members of the royal family fled south to Sha County to escape the invading forces. According to Chinese folklore, they brought quite an entourage with them: concubines, artisans and an army of cooks who turned the area into a food hub. Many believe that modern-day Sha's vibrant culinary tradition descends directly from the royal kitchens, making it an edible history.

That this link to China's culinary past can be found at Bek-Hee, a hole-in-the-wall Chinese takeout restaurant in Overland, came as a huge surprise to me. I'd driven by the place many times and assumed it was a dump — greasy, out-of-a-bag, Americanized Chinese food. And it basically was that, until the Lin family, expats from Sha County, took it over about six months ago and infused the menu with bits of their hometown's specialties.

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A Look Inside Good Luck Bar & Grill's New Corner Spot in Soulard

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A cup of spicy chili with the "Bourbon Street Burger." | Photos by Mabel Suen
When asked to describe Good Luck Bar & Grill (2501 South Ninth Street; 314-833-5825), owner Patrick Lowery replies, "I just wanted to keep it simple and true to the good old-fashioned American bar and grill. I would say we're a classic corner spot with simple but good food, priced affordably."

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The Corner Cup Plans New Menu and Expansion in Dogtown

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Portabella benedict with sweet-potato hash at the Corner Cup. | Mabel Suen

The Corner Cup (1221 Tamm Avenue; 314-899-0287) opened in Dogtown back in January, and after several months, co-owner Ben Strake and his team are kicking things up a notch. Chef Bob Brazell, formerly of Athlete Eats, has come on as a culinary consultant to introduce a new menu quarterly.

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Warming Up with Whiskey-Based Cocktails at Small Batch

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"Pumpkin Spiced Old Fashioned" | Patrick J. Hurley

The Drunken Vegan, a.k.a. Patrick J. Hurley, is a full-time barman at the Civil Life Brewing Company and cocktail enthusiast about town. He's an unapologetic drunkard, a vegan and a bon vivant, and, no, he doesn't think those last two terms contradict each other.

Fall cocktails are starting to make appearances all around St. Louis. When the temperature drops, the base liquor of choice is whiskey. What better place to taste new whiskey-based cocktails than Small Batch? Within the next couple of weeks, Small Batch Whiskey and Fare (3001 Locust Street; 314-380-2040) is releasing a new fall cocktail list. The Drunken Vegan sampled four of these new cocktails and, spoiler alert: They're all really good.

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