What Is St. Louis' Most Underrated Patio?

The rooftop patio at Vin de Set. | Laura Ann Miller

We made it, y'all. It's finally patio season. We spent the whole weekend outside, and we can't believe we aren't drunk on a patio right now. There are so many good spots here in town, but not every day can be spent poolside at Cielo. So we want to know -- what patio is totally underrated?

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Guess Where I'm Eating This Breakfast Pizza and Win $20 to Porter's Chicken

Yummy breakfast pizza. | Nancy Stiles

We hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend with some outdoor fun. Alas, now it's a cloudy Monday. But maybe we can make it a little bit better with some free food. All you have to do is guess where we ate this breakfast pizza yesterday.

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UPDATED: Guess Where I'm Eating This Pulled Pork and Win Ice Cream for Two at the Fountain on Locust

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Strange Donuts Approved for Second Location in Kirkwood

Categories: Food News

The "Bart's Revenge" doughnut. | Jon Gitchoff

Speculation has been rampant ever since Strange Donuts (2709 Sutton Boulevard, Maplewood; 314-932-5851) announced it would expand to a second location after only a few months in business. Soon, fans were guessing Kirkwood would be the place -- it's fairly central and is similar in feel to Maplewood, home of the original. That is indeed where the second location will open sometime during the next few months.

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Whisk Rolls Out Grown-Up Popsicles Like Avocado and Goat Cheese-Blackberry

The latest fresh, natural pops from Whisk Bake Shop. | Nancy Stiles

We are just dying for spring. The weather keeps teasing us, but we know soon we will be dripping with sweat in 100 plus degree weather with 80 percent humidity. We've already found something that will quench our thirst come those dehydrated days: popsicles from Whisk: A Sustainable Bakeshop .

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The Tap's New Restaurant Features a Multitude of Taps in St. Charles

Categories: First Look

The Tap's Hawaiian burger. | Photos by Mabel Suen
In March, the Tap (3803 Elm Street; 636-724-4242) opened in St. Charles, featuring a multitude of taps -- we're not just talking beer, here. Of the 33 beer taps available at the bar, the Budweiser Chill-Rite dispenses the coldest and creamiest brew possible, says proprietor Jerry Berhorst, explaining that a scientifically designed special etching in the bottom of a corresponding glass helps make it possible. Each beer comes with matching glassware, from boots of beer to steins and logoed chalices.

In addition to beer taps at some of the tables, the Tap keeps the theme going with unique options including six wine taps as well as margaritas and sangrias on tap. On the patio, visitors will find a gigantic keg-shaped wood-and-charcoal smoker, which the restaurant will use to roast whole pigs for special events.

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How to Celebrate Easter 4/20-Style


Easter Sunday is this weekend, and it also happens to be April 20 -- which is, of course, a notorious stoner holiday. Additionally, it's the seventh day of Passover. Luckily, Easter comes with lots of chocolates, candies and marshmallows covered with sugar in the shape of chicks. What could be better? Here are some suggestions for a weed-friendly holiday.

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Sauce on the Side Announces Second Location

Categories: Restaurant News

A cazone from Sauce on the Side. | Jennifer Silverberg

After almost two years, calzone joint Sauce on the Size (903 Pine Street; 314-241-5667) is expanding to Clayton. There are fourteen iterations of the Sauce on the Side calzone, but now there's room for even more expansion.

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#87: Duck Burger at Planter's House

The Planter's House duck burger. | Jennifer Silverberg

It was a given that I was going to be dazzled by the drinks at Planter's House (1000 Mississippi Avenue; 314-696-6203). After all, owner Ted Kilgore is the town's undisputed mixology master. With such a high-profile cocktail program, Planter's House could have phoned it in on its food menu. Patrons are coming in for the drinks, right? Heck, they'll probably be so liquored up by the time they get hungry, they'd be fine with some Ritz crackers and Cheez-Whiz.

That's not how Kilgore operates.

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The Best Food Events in St. Louis This Weekend: April 18 to 20

Will you be hunting for chocolate in Forest Park this weekend? | Robert S. Donovan

Happy Easter, Gut Checkers! We are already planning the food-coma-inducing brunch we're going to have on Sunday, but there are plenty of other things to keep you occupied until then. Run a 5K while stopping to drink some beer, or check out some of the best coffee places the area has to offer. Read about our food-related recommendations after the jump.

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Pasta House and Schlafly Team Up at Lambert Airport

Categories: Restaurant News

Laura Miller

Dining at Lambert Airport (10701 Lambert International Boulevard; 314-426-8000) sure is getting a makeover. First the Budweiser bar rebranded itself as Eighteen-76, then Mike Shannon's added an outpost after a strong debut in Edwardsville, Illinois. Now, international travelers will be able to get even more of a taste of St. Louis.

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Local Italian chain Pasta House Co. and Schlafly beer now have a "combination venue" in Terminal 2.

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