Schlafly Celebrates the Repeal of Prohibition with Cadre of Washington State Brews

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All dressed up and somewhere to go. | Jon Gitchoff

Local beer fans converged on the Schlafly Bottleworks (7260 Southwest Avenue, Maplewood; 314-241-2337) last Saturday to enjoy good beer and gorgeous weather at the brewery's annual Repeal of Prohibition Festival. Each year, Schlafly commemorates the enactment of the Cullen-Harrison Act on April 7, 1933. The act raised the definition of prohibited "intoxicating liquors" from 0.5 to 3.2 percent alcohol by weight, and set the stage for eventual full-on repeal of Prohibition in December of that year.

Besides offering a large selection of its own, Schlafly picks another state's beers to highlight -- usually one that has a limited presence in the St. Louis area. This year's festival highlighted the beers of Washington State with No-Li Brewhouse (Spokane), Elysian Brewing (Seattle), Epic Ales (Seattle) and Bale Breaker Brewing Company (Yakima).

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Schlafly Celebrates the Repeal of Prohibition with Washington State Beers

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Cabin Fever at Schlafly in January. This time, it'll be warm! | Jon Gitchoff

Every year, St. Louis' hometown craft brewery celebrates that most holy of events, the repeal of Prohibition, with a festival. Each Repeal Fest highlights craft beer from a state that isn't available in Missouri or across the river -- this year it's Washington state. Schlafly will be hosting brewers and their beers from Bale Breaker Brewing Company, Elysian Brewing, Epic Ales and No-Li Brewhouse at the Bottleworks (7260 Southwest Avenue, Maplewood; 314-241-2337)

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4 Hands Brewery's "Contact High" Wheat Ale: Now in Cans

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4 Hands brews. | RFT photo

For the first time ever, 4 Hands Brewing Company (1220 South Eighth Street; 314-436-1559) is offering one of its beers in cans. "Contact High," a wheat ale, debuted last summer at the brewery on draft and in 22-ounce bottles. 4 Hands released its first-ever canned beer on Thursday at the brewery.

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"We thought the 'Contact High' would just be a really perfect beer to put in a can," says brewery president Kevin Lemp. "It's our spring and summer seasonal, so we could get a good read on customer feedback -- do they like our beer in cans? So we're potentially looking to make a switch into cans in everything."

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Alpha Brewing Company Experiments with Miracle Berry Beer

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The miracle berry beers. | Becky May

Before we tried to Miracle Berry Beer at Alpha Brewing Comping (1409 Washington Avenue; 314-621-2337), we were warned that it was a bit like Alice going down the hole in Alice and Wonderland. "Everything changes," they said.

We knew it would only be our taste buds, but we were still a little nervous. How crazy could it be?

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Draft Pick: Bell's "Oberon" is a Glass of Sunshine

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Richard Haegele
Sunshine In A Glass

Welcome to "Draft Pick," a column by Gut Check contributor and craft-beer aficionado Richard Haegele. Each week, Richard will profile the most exciting new draft being poured in St. Louis, how it was made and where you can find it.

At last spring has arrived, bringing song birds, new buds on plants, and those nasty marshmallow "Peeps." But here at Gut Check, we know it's officially spring when Bell's Brewery releases it's acclaimed wheat ale -- "Oberon."

Even though it's technically their summer seasonal, Bell's releases "Oberon" in late March each year to much fanfare. Some bars even celebrated by tapping the beer at midnight on release day (March 24th this year).

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Cory King Inks Deal For Side Project Beer Tasting Room in Maplewood

Cory King, left, with iTap owner Brad Lobdell at Firkin Fest. | Theo Welling

Head brewer Cory King wanted to keep the news under wraps, at least until he was further along in the process. But word got out that he is opening a new beer-tasting room for Side Project Brewing, the Cellar, in Maplewood at 7373 Marietta Avenue after the city granted his liquor license this week.

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"I've had some misinformation go out in the market already," he tells Gut Check. "We haven't even started the build-out."

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Draft Pick: Perennial's "17" Mint Chocolate Stout

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Richard Haegele
Perennial's 17

Welcome to "Draft Pick," a column by Gut Check contributor and craft-beer aficionado Richard Haegele. Each week, Richard will profile the most exciting new draft being poured in St. Louis, how it was made and where you can find it.

Washing down Thin Mints with a hearty stout is all well and good, but what if somebody could save you a step and and brew a beer that captured the taste of that winning combination? It just so happens that Perennial Artisan Ales (8125 Michigan Avenue; 314-631-7300) brews such a beer, simply called "17." Released around St. Patrick's Day each year (hence the name), "17" is a stout aged on cacao nibs and dried peppermint leaves.

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Old Bakery Beer Will Be Alton's First Craft Brewery

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The Old Bakery Building has been home to several bakeries over the last century, but in the next year it will transform into a brewery. Husband-and-wife team and Urban Chestnut alums Lauren Pattan and James Rogalsky will open the Old Bakery Beer Company in Alton, Illinois, in 2015.

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"We were initially looking to do something relatively small and in St. Louis, but we're both from Alton, and both of our familiess still live there," Pattan tells Gut Check. "We heard about the Old Bakery Building and went to check it out and ended up loving it. It's super charming, and the warehouse-style space is kind of already perfect for a brewery."

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Drink Local This St. Patrick's Day: Three Locally-Brewed Alternatives to Guinness

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Richard Haegele
Schlafly Irish-Style Extra Stout
With St. Patrick's Day nigh upon us, many of us will take to the streets of Dogtown to celebrate our Irish heritage (real or make-believe). Inevitably, this will involve many pints of brews such as Smithwick's, Guinness and Harp.

While those are certainly good beers, there are some amazing local beers that are brewed in very similar styles. Here are our recommendations.

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How to Make "Black Velvet," a Guinness-Based Cocktail, for St. Patrick's Day

Our Black Velvet. | Nancy Stiles

St. Patrick's Day is Monday (with celebrations starting Saturday), and usually that means green beer for all. But the more we thought about it, we figured there had to be a better cocktail out there to celebrate the luck of the Irish. That's when we stumbled across a recipe so foul-sounding we figured it was probably fantastic.

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