15 Must-Drink Events at St. Louis Craft Beer Week 2014

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Firkin Fest 2013. | Theo Welling

It's the most wonderful time of the year -- no, not Christmas. St. Louis Craft Beer Week begins this Saturday, July 26, and is sponsoring events all over town until August 3. It can be hard to whittle it down to something manageable (more power to you if you're trying to hit every single one), so we've picked the ones we think are can't-miss.

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The Modern Brewery to Hit St. Louis Taps in August

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It seems like craft breweries are popping up in St. Louis these days just as fast as food trucks. The latest is the Modern Brewery, which is looking to hit the market in the next few weeks. We talked to co-owner Beamer Eisele about what makes the Modern Brewery different and his days brewing in the basements of the Harvard dorms.

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UMSL to Offer Beer-Brewing Course This Fall

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You really can do it yourself! | Edward O'Connor

College is full of beer, but it's usually not in the classroom. This fall at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, non-science majors will be able to take a course on how to brew beer. Chemistry and biology PhD student Joe Meisel will be teaching undergraduates the science behind St. Louis' favorite beverage.

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Flying Saucer Celebrates Belgian Beer Week with First-Ever Beer Dinner

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Inside Flying Saucer. | Jennifer Silverberg

Belgian beer haven Tripel closed last month, but you can get your Dutch fix this week at Flying Saucer (900 Spruce Street; 314-932-1456). The bar and restaurant is celebrating Belgian Beer Week, which culminates in its first-ever beer dinner on Thursday, July 17.

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Local Company Synek is Bringing Draft Beer into Your Home

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The Synek system. | Synek

While good beer can be had in a can, bottle or growler, beer fans tend to prefer it straight out of the tap. The problem with that is how to enjoy your beer without having to be at the bar 24/7 (unless you're on Cheers). St. Louis company Synek has the answer: a home draft system that doesn't involve you lugging kegs around. We're in.

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Earthbound Brewery, New Beermaker on Cherokee Street, Uses History as an Ingredient

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The thai basil IPA. | Earthbound Brewing

There is no shortage of craft breweries in St. Louis. You know that, we know that, Earthbound Brewery knows that. That's why its three founders like to incorporate a bit of history into each beer. We spoke to co-owner Rebecca Schranz about what makes the upcoming brewery different.

"We're living in St. Louis -- there's microbreweries everywhere," she says. "There's obviously going to be a good beer everywhere we go. But with us, we like to have a little bit of background on what you're drinking -- there's a backstory to the beer."

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Kräftig Wins Gold Medal at the U.S. Open Beer Championship

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Budweiser will always be our hometown beer, even if it is owned by the Belgians now. But the Busch family is still operating right here in St. Louis under the William K Busch Brewing Company name. The brewery was founded in summer 2011 by the eponymous Busch, who is the great-grandson of Adolphus Busch. It puts out two beers: Kräftig and Kräftig Light. For the third year in a row, Kräftig has taken home the gold medal at the U.S. Open beer championship.

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Anheuser-Busch Releases Epic Commercial Ahead of USA vs. Belgium Game

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Oh, those crazy Clydesdales. | YouTube screenshot

Drinking Anheuser-Busch products is basically the definition of 'Murica, so it's no surprise that the brewery is in full patriot mode for the World Cup. We're playing Belgium today, and A-B's famous Clydesdales are super excited for it. Also, fighter jets. And motorcycles. Cheerleaders. SEQUINS.

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Draft Pick: 2nd Shift's "iBallz" -- Brewed Special for the World Cup -- Delivers Big Flavor

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Richard Haegele
Catching a match a iTap CWE
Welcome to "Draft Pick," a column by Gut Check contributor and craft-beer aficionado Richard Haegele. Periodically, Richard will profile the most exciting new draft being poured in St. Louis, how it was made and where you can find it.

2nd Shift Brewing certainly knows a thing or two about hops, as evidenced by the fantastic India pale ales they make like "Art of Neurosis," "Brew Cocky," and "Ratsalad." So when the folks at the International Tap House (16 North Euclid Avenue; 314-367-4827) wanted a hoppy brew to serve during World Cup matches, they tapped the brewery to make them an exclusive beer. The caveat: it had to be sessionable, or low-ABV, so that patrons could drink plenty of it during the games.

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RFT's Q & Brew in the Lou Ticket Presale Starts Today at 10 a.m.

Barbecue from Brew & Q participant, Sugarfire Smokehouse. | Jennifer Silverberg

Our first ever Q& Brew in the Lou event kicks off on August 23 and we want to make sure we will see you there. That's why, starting today through June 29, you can nab your tickets before the general public.

That gets you into our huge indoor space where you can roam the floor sampling the best St. Louis has to offer in barbecue and craft beer, including Schlafly, Four Hands, Civil Life, Urban Chestnut, Six Row, Square One and many more.

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