Preview the Restaurants at RFT's Best of St. Louis Party

Getting the party started at last year's Best of St. Louis party. | Jon Gitchoff

The Best of St. Louis 2014 party is finally here, and we couldn't be more excited. Last week brought you the best arts & entertainment, food & drink, people & places and shopping & services, and October 2, we're celebrating. Continue on for the food that will be at the Moto Museum for the party, along with a special discount code.

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Riverfront Times' Best of St. Louis Issue Offers 101 Reasons to Dine Out

The ground brisket burger at Three Flags Tavern, our pick for the Best New Restaurant of 2014. | Corey Woodruff

It's finally here -- the Riverfront Times' Best of St. Louis issue! Our writers and editors have carefully investigated all that St. Louis has to offer over the past few months, from restaurants to shopping to parks and everything in between. Avid Gut Check readers will recognize more than a few of the food and drink winners as we've featured many of them before. Hopefully, though, you'll find a few places to add to your St. Louis bucket list.

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Celebrate the Best Restaurants in Town at the 2014 Best of St. Louis Party

Getting the party started at last year's Best of St. Louis party. | Jon Gitchoff

It's that time of year again: We're going to name the best of the best in St. Louis dining with our annual Best of St. Louis issue. What's even better is the celebration to honor the winners. Join Gut Check at the 2014 Best of St. Louis party on Thursday, October 2, at the Moto Museum (3441 Olive Street; 314-533-3091).

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Best Places in St. Louis to Watch the Super Bowl

       Seahawks vs. Broncos. | Daniel Spiess

It's that time of year: the biggest game in football. This year, the Denver Broncos will be taking on the Seattle Seahawks. The great thing about the Super Bowl, though, is that it brings people who really don't even care about football together. It's like Thanksgiving, really. A national holiday. We've rounded up some of our favorite spots to watch the big game -- most aren't overtly sports bars, some are having specials, some aren't. Check out our suggestions after the jump and let us know where you'll be watching (and eating).

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Celebrate National Pie Day With the Best Pies in St. Louis

       Pie Oh My, indeed. | Mabel Suen

We thought pie season was over, what with the holidays behind us and all. We were wrong! Today, January 23, is National Pie Day, and March 14, is, of course, Pi(e) Day. Plus, Tenacious Eats just did a whole movie-dinner built around pies last week. What more reason do you need?

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The 5 Best Biscuits in St. Louis

       The biscuit at Juniper is pure Southern goodness. | Jennifer Silverberg

The biscuit is one of our favorite sides. But it has a lot of versatility, too -- it can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner, a la carte, smothered with gravy or replace bread in a sandwich. We've chosen a few of our favorites to get you started; these are all places where biscuits are available on their own. Let us know if we missed any in the comments!

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Best Places to Get Hot Chocolate in St. Louis

We're getting warm just looking at it. | Elsie Hui

Usually we go straight for the booze when we want to warm up, but sometimes you just need to satisfy that sweet tooth. It's the perfect time for hot chocolate, and there are much better offerings around the city than Swiss Miss with fake marshmallows.

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The 5 Best Italian Restaurants (Cheap) in St. Louis

       Housemade fried cannelloni with tomato sauce at Tavolo V. | Jennifer Silverberg

Italian restaurants can be super-fancy dining. The tablecloths, the expensive wine, the veal. But you can get great Italian food in St. Louis without having to gouge out your paycheck. Go to a traditional (but affordable) place on the Hill or try a new joint from the guys behind the Tavern. Check out our current favorite cheap Italian restaurants to see where you can get some housemade meatballs, Italian wine and good conversation tonight.

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The Seven Best Bars for Food

       Burgers and beers. | Nancy Stiles

Gut Check has had enough of holiday hams and turkeys, cranberry sauce and yams -- we say bring on the bar food. Whether it's greasy or fancy, bar food not only tastes delicious (especially around midnight), but it also comforts. Plus, no dishes and no relatives. We've compiled a list of places that ran the full spectrum -- find a bar that suits you and settle in.

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The 7 Best Eggnog-Flavored Treats to Brighten Your Holiday

       Hey, it's OK if you don't like the liquid stuff. | Issac Wedin

Sometimes eggnog gets a bad rap. It may be an acquired taste, but there's more to enjoy besides those huge jugs of the pre-made stuff. Even if it's not your drink, plenty of bakeries and restaurants are offering eggnog-flavored treats to get you in the holiday spirit. It's basically the pumpkin spice of December. Check out our favorites after the jump.

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