Iconic Shakespeare's Pizza Building to Be Demolished in Columbia

Shakespeare's Pizza opened at the corner of Ninth and Elm in 1973. | Chris Yunker

If you're a Mizzou fan, you might want to brace yourself for this news. The iconic white and green Shakespeare's Pizza at the corner of Ninth and Elm Streets in Columbia is going to be demolished. Luckily, Shakespeare's isn't going anywhere, but it's still the victim of the apparent Brookeside-ification of downton CoMO.

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Gawker Still Hates St. Louis Food, We Shrug and Stuff Our Faces

Housemade toasted ravioli at Mia Sorella. | Kristan Lieb

Last week, Gawker Media's sports blog, Deadspin, announced for the millionth time that it hates the Cardinals (whatever) and, for some reason, that "St. Louis-style pizza is a war crime." Yesterday, its food blog, Kitchenette, went on a deranged rant about the Wikipedia page for "Saint Louis Cuisine."

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Five Reasons Why Dining Out on Valentine's Day Is the Worst

Valentine's Day massacre. | Windell Oskay

Like any other major restaurant-going holiday (New Year's Eve, Mother's Day) dining out on Valentine's Day is about as pleasant as chatting with your mom about Fifty Shades of Grey. If you intentionally decided to stay in, congratulations -- you are indeed a savvy diner.

If you screwed up and forgot to make reservations, take solace in these five reasons for why dining out on Valentine's Day is the worst while you run to the store to prepare an impromptu dinner. Then secure a table for the following Tuesday -- you'll have a much better time.

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Overcooked 2014: Local Chefs Dish on the Food Trends That Need to Die Now

Um, that sounds gross. | Illustration by Kelly Glueck

This time last year, our editors and critics wrote about the food trends they were sick to death of in 2013 and couldn't wait to see fall from favor in 2014. Included were chicken and waffles, putting an egg on everything and so on.

This year, we went to some real experts -- the chefs, mixologists and pit masters who are St. Louis' literal tastemakers. We asked a handful of them to tell us which trends they're hoping will die in 2015 -- unsurprisingly, they had plenty to say.

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Time Out Bar & Grill Boycotts the St. Louis Rams After "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" Gesture

Time Out Bar & Grill. | RFT Photo

There have been conflicting opinions over the show of support five St. Louis Rams players gave for Ferguson at yesterday's football game. The St. Louis Police Officers Association asked that the NFL apologize and sanction the players; the league and the team declined to do so. South-city sports bar Time Out Bar & Grill (4140 Gravois Avenue; 314-771-3610) has announced that it will no longer support the Rams, thanks to yesterday's display.

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MoKaBe's Slammed By CopTalk Message Board for Serving as "Safe Space" for Protesters

MoKaBe's at Arsenal Street and South Grand Boulevard. | Laura Ann Miller

It seems the whole of St. Louis is on edge as the St. Louis County prosecutor's office prepares to announce the grand jury's decision on whether or not to indict officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of Michael Brown. Churches are offering official safe spaces and coordinating with north-county schools, and law enforcement is preparing for the worst.

Whenever the decision is announced -- it's expected as early as next week -- protests may begin again in Ferguson, the Shaw neighborhood (where Vonderrit Myers was shot last month) and perhaps even Clayton, where the grand jury is deliberating.

MoKaBe's (3606 Arsenal Street; 314-865-2009), a Shaw/Tower Grove East coffeehouse known for its long-time community activism, posted a statement on Facebook this week that has some people very upset, while others are rallying in support.

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Downtown Bar Owners Say Ballpark Village Is Cannibalizing Their Profits

Steve Truesdell
FOX Sports Midwest Live! at Ballpark Village boasts 20,000 square feet and a 40-foot LED screen.
It's a Thursday night during Cardinals' postseason, and the FOX Sports Midwest Live! bar at Ballpark Village is packed. It's standing room only, and everyone's gaze is fixed on the bar's 40-foot LED screen, watching St. Louis take on the San Francisco Giants in Game 5 of the series. A sea of people, hundreds dressed in their best red and white, fill both floors of the cavernous 20,000-square-foot bar, with others coming and going from the attached restaurant Cardinals Nation. The PBR bar is going strong upstairs, and there's even an outdoor watch party convening on the lawn of Busch-II-Infield. With the game going on at AT&T Park in San Francisco, it's clear that tonight — for sheer spectacle, anyway — the next best place for a Cards fan to be is Ballpark Village.

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Anheuser-Busch Condemns the NFL's Handling of Domestic Violence


Anheuser-Busch has been the official beer of the NFL since 2011, but that didn't stop the company from making its first statement on the league since the Ray Rice scandal came to light. In an official release, A-B says it is "not yet satisfied" with the NFL's handling of the situation.

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Controversy Erupts Over Reopening of Bengoni's, Beloved Institution in Overland [UPDATE]

The sign that started the trouble. | Courtesy Darin Smith

Update, July 2: Restaurant owner Darin Smith tells Gut Check he's come to a decision regarding the name "Bengoni's." Scroll through to the bottom of the post to find out what it was.

From 1982 until the early 2000s, Bengoni's Restaurant was the place to go in Overland. Teenagers took their prom dates there, families gathered to celebrate communions and commencements -- it was an institution.

"The salads were superb, their pizzas were great. They just had really good Italian food," recalls Overland city councilman Jay Fetsch. "We all, over the years, enjoyed it."

Then in 2006 Bengoni's abruptly closed its doors without much explanation. Fetsch says he still sees people walk up and shake the door handles of the locked and empty restaurant all the time.

Earlier this month a sign appeared outside of 2239 Woodson Road, just down the street from the old location, proclaiming the return of the "New Old Bengoni's." While this was great news to some who missed their favorite Italian eatery, it caused others -- including the former owner of Bengoni's -- some serious distress.

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TGI Fridays Food Truck Coming to St. Louis, Food Trucks Officially Over

We love a good food truck, but TGI Fridays? | Steve Truesdell

We've said it before and we'll say it again -- food trucks are the trend that just won't quit. It seems every time we turn around there is a new one, or an established restaurant is taking its food to the streets. But surely this is the trend jumping the shark. TGI Fridays apparently has a food truck that is driving across the country, and it will be in St. Louis today, June 27 and tomorrow, June 28.

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