Chef Chat: Ed Heath on Moving from the Mountains to the Prairie

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Cleveland-Heath's Eric "Ed" Heath. | Jennifer Silverberg

Ed Heath had a plan: cook in restaurants to support himself while in school, then start his career in natural-resource management. The path was clear for the Utah native, until he graduated, got a job working for the government, and realized something was missing. He quit, bounced around from restaurant to restaurant, and felt lost. Then he met Jenny Cleveland.

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Chef Chat: Julie Weldele Is Scape American Bistro's Sweet and Sour Pastry Chef

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Julie Weldele of Scape American Bistro and Crepes Etc. | Brittany Zehr

Jumping from interior design to the world of pastry wasn't that big of a leap for Julie Weldele. "I've always been artsy," she explains. "Pastry was just a different medium."

It was this creative spirit and penchant for aesthetics that led Weldele to a casual cake-decorating class. She was instantly hooked on the craft and honed her talent for sweets while working with acclaimed mentors in some of the city's top kitchens: Christy Augustin, Simone Faure and Nathaniel Reid. When the opportunity came up to head the pastry program for both Scape American Bistro (48 Maryland Plaza; 314-361-7227) and Crepes Etc. (52 Maryland Plaza; 314-367-2200) in the Central West End, she jumped at the chance. "It allows me to have the best of both worlds. I get to do plated desserts at Scape, which I love, but I also get the feel of running my own bakery at Crepes Etc."

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Chef Chat: The Vampire Faure of La Patisserie Chouquette

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Simone Faure, owner of La Patisserie Chouquette. | Mabel Suen

"I'm not saving lives. I'm making chocolate shoes."

What Simone Faure says may be true, but you wouldn't always know it. People line up at her shop, La Patisserie Chouquette (1626 Tower Grove Avenue; 314-932-7935), desperate for her ornate baked wares as if their lives depended on it.

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Brewer Chat: 4 Hands Brewing Company's Martin Toft IV

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Martin Toft at work at 4 Hands Brewing Company. | Kevin Lemp

Martin Toft IV laughs when he recalls his first foray into making beer. "It was awful. Technically, I suppose it was beer. I don't know why I kept going with it, but it eventually got better," he says.

It certainly did. As a brewer and brewery manager at 4 Hands Brewing Company (1220 South Eight Street; 314-436-1559), Toft is responsible for some of St. Louis' finest craft beers.

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Chef Chat: Alex Cupp Is Adam's Smokehouse's Pit Boss

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Alex Cupp of Adam's Smokehouse | Cheryl Baehr

After cooking for the city's well-to-do at a private club, Alex Cupp was looking for a new culinary path. He never expected it would lead to the barbecue world, but when he saw the sign for a then-unopened Adam's Smokehouse (2819 Watson Road; 314-875-9890), something told him to go inside.

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Chef Chat: Jennifer Cleveland's Guilty Pleasures and Not-So-Secret Crush

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Jennifer Cleveland and her partner, Ed Heath | Jennifer Silverberg

Following college, the siren song of the mountains drew Jennifer Cleveland to Salt Lake City where she met her two great loves: cooking and her partner, Ed Heath. After culinary school at the prestigious Culinary Institute of America at Greystone and stints at some of the country's top restaurants (ad hoc, the French Laundry), Cleveland returned to her southern Illinois roots and opened Cleveland-Heath (106 N. Main Street, Edwardsville, IL; 618-307-4830) in downtown Edwardsville in 2011. There, she treats patrons to unpretentious, elevated comfort food that's more than worth the drive across the river.

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Chef Chat: Chris Bolyard Is a Butcher with a Soft Side

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Chris Bolyard | Cheryl Baehr

Chris Bolyard is a busy man these days. Technically still the chef de cuisine at Sidney Street Cafe, Bolyard has been hard at work getting ready for the fall opening of his much-anticipated Bolyard's Meat & Provisions. It's the realization of a dream for the Culinary Institute of America grad, who is looking forward to parlaying his passion for butchering into a shop of his own in downtown Maplewood. There, this self-described "meat geek" will offer St. Louisans locally and humanely raised beef, chicken, lamb and pork and educate his patrons on whole-animal cooking.

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Chef Chat: Marianne Moore on Going Out Czech and Italian Style

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Chef Marianne Moore | Liz Sloan for L Photographie

Chef Marianne Moore's path into the kitchen wasn't exactly straight. While on a sabbatical from her interior-design career, Moore was recruited to attend a "just for fun" culinary class with a friend, only to walk out with a new calling. Now, with a resume that includes stints at some of the city's most upscale hotels, Moore is putting her mark on the St. Louis culinary scene as the creative director for the Dierbergs culinary program. There, she oversees the market's six in-store cooking schools by designing menus, creating recipes and inspiring others to take the leap into the kitchen like she did.

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Chef Chat: Lassaad Jeliti Is Spare No Rib's Resident Mathematician

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Lassaad Jeliti of Spare No Rib | Jennifer Silverberg

Barbecue and tacos together under one roof may not seem to add up, but mathematician-turned-restaurateur Lassaad Jeliti found the common denominator. "It's all street food," he said back in March of his inspiration for Spare No Rib (2200 Gravois Avenue; 314-202-8244). Obviously, he was on to something -- Zagat recently named Spare No Rib one of the 15 Hottest Barbecue Joints in America.

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Chef Chat: Lauren "Lulu" Loomis Is Bursting with Pure Joy

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Lauren "Lulu" Loomis and her husband, Robert Tucker | Mabel Suen

Though Lauren "Lulu" Loomis wishes she had the ability to teleport herself around the world, she's already logged quite a few miles. In fact, it was while she was in New Zealand, working on an organic farm with her husband Robert Tucker, that the idea for Lulu's Local Eatery (3201 South Grand Boulevard) was born.

Loomis didn't originally plan on opening Lulu's as a food truck, but when she and Tucker returned from the adventure, they witnessed St. Louis' growing mobile culinary scene and knew it was the right fit. Now, with a new storefront on Grand, Loomis' plans have come full circle.

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