Starbucks in Ferguson: New Details Emerge

Courtesy of Natalie's Cakes & More

Details were thin when Starbucks announced in April that they would open a store in Ferguson. Today, the company provided a few more details for the opening next summer.

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After Barista's Fall, St. Louis' Coffee Community Comes Together

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Photo by Kevin Korinek
Veronika Parson
On June 24, Veronika Parson was making a routine stop at her bank in Midtown St. Louis when she happened to notice an old, abandoned warehouse.

It immediately grabbed the passionate urban explorer's attention. "There was a lot of graffiti on the side of the building so I knew it was empty and that, if nothing else, there would be some cool art to see," she says.

A longtime barista who's worked at Comet Coffee and Kaldi's, Parson discovered an unlocked door and began looking around, snapping photos to share with her fellow urban explorers. The structure had several walkways that encircled the barren room, heaps of metal and debris cluttered the muddy concrete. "There was a layer of mud on everything, I guess because of all the rain," she says.

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At Meshuggah Cafe, a Regular Becomes Owner as Patrick Liberto Says Goodbye

Photo by Kevin Korinek
Jen Kaslow recently purchased Meshuggah Cafe

Patrick Liberto, who has owned Meshuggah Cafe since 1997, has sold the Delmar Loop mainstay and is moving back to his home state of Louisiana.

But the Loop's loss is a gain for one regular customer: A school teacher named Jen Kaslow decided to purchase the business on a whim. She'll take the reigns on July 17.

Kaslow had been patronizing Meshuggah Cafe (6269 Delmar Blvd., 314-726-5662) with her family for nearly fifteen years, going back to its original location on Melville Avenue. Last month, when Liberto happened to mention that he was selling the business, Kaslow's mind started spinning with the possibilities.

"Normally, I would've asked if everything was OK," she says. "Instead, I had this out-of-body experience and I asked what he was doing with Meshuggah's. He told me he was selling it and I said right there, 'I want to buy it.' And that was it.

"I had no plans to quit my job," she admits. "It wasn't about coffee and I never had a fantasy about being a cafe owner."

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Starbucks to Open a Ferguson Location, But Won't Say Where

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Courtesy of Flickr/Irfaan Photography
Starbucks is coming to Ferguson, or so they tell us.
Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz may have abandoned plans to decorate your latte with "Race Together," but he hasn't given up on making the world a better place.

Schultz announced Tuesday that Starbucks would be opening its first Ferguson store, according to Fortune, as a "way to increase employment."

Details, however, are few.

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Kaldi's Now Has Fresh Mint Lattes, Plus More New Menu Items

The fresh mint latte and the "Winter Breakfast Tea" latte. | Courtesy Kaldi's Coffee

Forget pumpkin spice lattes. (It's January, so hopefully you have). Kaldi's Coffee now has fresh mint lattes, among other new menu items to help you get through the remaining winter months.

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Six Row Brewing Collaborates with La Cosecha for Imperial Coffee Brown Ale

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First Crack: brand spankin' new. | Evan Hiatt

Coffee collaborations seem to be the next big thing in St. Louis' craft-beer scene. Like chocolate, java is usually made into a stout -- a dark, high-ABV beer. Six Row Brewing (3690 Forest Park Avenue) decided to go another route after Maplewood's La Cosecha Coffee Roasters contacted them on Twitter.

"In our case, we didn't want to just do 'another stout,'" Six Row brewmaster Evan Hiatt says. "So that's why we decided to go with something different than what we had heard before -- an Imperial coffee brown ale."

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Kaldi's Coffee and Kakao Chocolate Nominated for the Good Food Awards

Beans at Kaldi's Coffee. | Jon Gitchoff

Two local shops, Kaldi's Coffee (700 DeMun Avenue, Clayton; 314-727-9955) and Kakao Chocolate (2301 South Jefferson Avenue; 314-771-2310), have been named finalists for the 2015 Good Food Awards. The awards celebrate socially and environmentally conscious products that are (duh) also delicious. Judges selected 206 finalists from all across the country.

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Park Avenue Coffee Partners with Yelp St. Louis for Small Batch Coffee

Park Avenue Coffee in Lafayette Square. | Google Street View

There is now such a thing as Yelp coffee. Park Avenue Coffee (417 North Tenth Street; 314-231-5282) has partnered with the customer review site for a promotion called "Missouri Made" and is offering a special, small batch brew in all three of its cafes for the month of June.

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Sump Coffee Expands Hours to Try Experimental Brews

       Scott Carey at work. | Crystal Rolfe

Sump Coffee (3700 South Jefferson Avenue; 917-412-5670) has been one of the most celebrated coffee shops in St. Louis ever since it opened in late 2011, and two years later, owner Scott Carey isn't done pushing the envelope with his artisanal beans. Sump is usually closed on Mondays, but for six weeks beginning February 21, it'll be open for experimental brews only.

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"Just like any growing company, you can have the day to day, but you also think about the tomorrow. No one wants to always do the same thing," Carey tells Gut Check. "We talk about how we can change things and hopefully make them better."

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Your Pick for St. Louis' Most Underrated Coffee Is...

       You've crowned a winner. | Nancy Stiles

You guys were pretty vocal on this one -- there is a lot of good coffee to be had in St. Louis. The winner took a whopping 47.17 percent of the vote, while write-ins accounted for more than 31 percent. So, where should we all be getting our next cup of coffee?

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