SugarBot Sweet Shop to Open in St. Charles This Summer

Photo by Kevin Korinek
The co-owners of SugarBot, Jackie Lynch and Mark Huebbe.

In 2012, Jackie Lynch was working as a marketer and feeling largely unfulfilled. So she started pursuing her hobby of making homemade ice cream, cupcakes, and pie. "People would always tell me I should be doing this, 'Why aren't you doing this?' And I just never saw myself there," she says. But that began to change, and a year later, she left her full-time job to pursue a specialized degree from St. Louis Community College in baking and pastry.

Now Lynch and her boyfriend, Mark Huebbe, are opening their own pastry shop, SugarBot Sweet-Shop, at 433 Jackson Street in the heart of St. Charles city. The fare will consist of childhood treats the way you remember them, only better: from-scratch sugar cookies, Rice Krispie treats, drop cookies, cupcakes, hand pies and more. Eventually, Lynch plans to offer a menu of scratch-made ice creams and craft sodas.

They hope to be open by late summer.

"I've been planning this since I was 16. It's what I've always wanted to do, but I never thought it could be a profitable thing," she says.

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Nothing Bundt Cakes Hits a Homerun in Town and Country

Emily McCarter
Twin sisters Jannette Neely (right) and Penelope Ritchie (left) stand in front of the bundt cake show case inside of their Nothing Bundt Cake franchise in Town and Country, Missouri.

Jannette Neely's love for Nothing Bundt Cakes started eight years ago, when the first franchise of the Las Vegas-based bakery opened in Texas. The St. Louis native was working in the corporate world, on her way to see a client, when she spotted the store.

"I called my twin sister, and I said, 'You're never going to believe what I just saw, a Nothing Bundt Cake Bakery. Isn't that funny? Don't you remember when mom and grandma always made bundt cakes?' Everybody always remembers their mom, or grandma, or somebody making a bundt cake."

Neely had to try a cake from the shop, and when she did, she promptly fell in love. She started buying Nothing Bundt Cakes for every occasion, from birthdays to baby showers. When her sister Penelope Ritchie visited Texas, she too fell in love with the cakes.

Two years ago, Neely, who lives in Baton Rouge, started looking into opening her own franchise.

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Clementine's Creamery Opens Tomorrow with a Sneak Peek -- and Free Ice Cream

Photo by Greg Rannells
Clementine's Creamery is about to open in Lafayette Square.
It might be the year's most hotly anticipated opening: Clementine's Naughty and Nice Creamery will open its doors at 1637 S. 18th Street with a special sneak peek tomorrow from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.

The May 14 preview party will be the city's first official look at Tamara Keefe's Lafayette Square ice cream parlor, which has already earned a flood of positive publicity (including a mention on the RFT's list of the city's best ice cream parlors), even as its doors have remained firmly closed and butcher paper has covered its street-facing window.

But don't chalk up the buzz to mere hype. You can already get Keefe's ice cream at local restaurants, including the Pi chain and Ben Poremba's Elaia, Olio and Old Standard, as well as Whole Foods. Chefs have incorporated Clementine's intensely rich ice cream into their menus for a reason -- and local food lovers are already hooked.

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Bridge Bread to Open Shop on Cherokee This Spring

Courtesy of Bridge Bread
Bridge Bread's mini cinnamon rolls have drawn a following at area churches.
Bridge Bread will open its first retail store on Cherokee Street in the next month or two, founder Fred Domke confirmed to Gut Check yesterday.

The shop, at 2604 Cherokee, will sell the nonprofit baker's artisan bread, brioche dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls and what Domke calls its "coup de grace" -- its "4x Chocolate Rolls," which are studded with chocolate chips, filled with chocolate and topped with chocolate frosting. "They went from being a brand-new product to being our most popular product in three weeks," Domke says.

The new storefront, located at the base of the Nebula coworking space just west of Jefferson, won't be a bakery -- Bridge will continue to bake out of its kitchen on South Grand, and all the breads and treats will be sold prepackaged to keep things simple with the health department.

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Ices Plain & Fancy Debuts Ices for Dogs and Fresh Strawberry Specials

"Sticky Charlie Doggie Ices" now available. | Photos by Mabel Suen

Since opening last July, Ices Plain & Fancy (2256 South 39th Street; 314-601-3604) has gradually grown its menu to suit the seasons. Its offerings started out as a simple list of silky, dense ice creams made to order using liquid nitrogen -- the perfect treat for summertime. Through fall and winter, warmth was provided by way of chili bowls and a long list of boozy frozen concoctions.

Spring for the shop means delights for an entirely new audience -- your four-legged friend. There's a new dog-friendly ice cream on offer, as well as Ices' continued commitment to incorporating high-quality fresh fruit in its specials.

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5 St. Louis Bakeries Offering Preorder Thanksgiving Pies

Pies galore at Sugarfire Pie. | Mabel Suen

Turkey is the centerpiece of Thanksgiving dinner, but it just wouldn't be a holiday without some pie. The good news is, if you're not quite a master baker, there are plenty of St. Louis pastry chefs offering up holiday pies for preorder.

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Hot Box Cookies Heads to St. Louis As Insomnia Cookies Adds a Second Location

Hot Box in Columbia. | Google Street View

Late night cookie delivery is a favorite for Mizzou college students, thanks to Hot Box Cookies, which opened in Columbia in 2008. A similar concept, though this one's a chain, opened just last month in the Central West End -- Insomnia Cookies.

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Kaldi's Coffee and Kakao Chocolate Nominated for the Good Food Awards

Beans at Kaldi's Coffee. | Jon Gitchoff

Two local shops, Kaldi's Coffee (700 DeMun Avenue, Clayton; 314-727-9955) and Kakao Chocolate (2301 South Jefferson Avenue; 314-771-2310), have been named finalists for the 2015 Good Food Awards. The awards celebrate socially and environmentally conscious products that are (duh) also delicious. Judges selected 206 finalists from all across the country.

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Nick Miller Talks the Future of Bissinger's and the Caramel Room

Treats from Bissinger's. | Laura Miller

Nick Miller, formerly of Harvest (1059 South Big Bend Boulevard Richmond Heights), was recently announced as the new chef at the Caramel Room (1600 North Broadway), Bissinger's new event space. We talked to Miller about the Bissinger's legacy and moving on after Harvest.

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Kakao Chocolate Clayton is Now Open

Kakao South City. | Laura Ann Miller

If you're a chocoholic, Clayton just got a little sweeter. The new Kakao Chocolate is now open. It's the third location for the St. Louis chocolatier, which first opened on South Jefferson Avenue in 2008 and later expanded to Maplewood. The new Kakao is located in the Centene building at 7700 Forsyth along with Niche and Pastaria.

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